Crownbrush Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette | Review, Thoughts + Looks.

Crownbrush Rose gold eyeshadow palette, halo eye makeup, rose gold eye shadow

The Crownbrush 35 Colour Rose Gold Palette is your ultimate eye shadow must-have whether you fancy a neutral smokey eye, full on dramatic glamour or simple shimmery golden hues. No matter what your eye colour and skin tone is, this will have you covered on SO many bases.

I’ve been raving about this lil’ beauty quite a lot since I got my paws on it and even featured it in My Makeup Winner of 2016 . It honestly is my current favourite eye makeup palette, and one of my top 3 I actually own! I want to share with you more about why I love it so much, some swatches of my favourite shades plus some eye makeup looks you can do with it.

3 x Different Shadow Finishes.

I have never actually used or owned on of their powder shadow palettes so was excited that this one was my first as the colours are SO MY BAG! It holds 35 pressed powder shadows which have a multitude of finishes and pigment types including mattes, metallic, shimmers and satins. The metallics are the more fuller and creamier pigments (my favourites) and the matte colours are slightly more subtle and buildable…the satins are the ones that are basically in between the very high metallic finish and the matte finish ; these are perfect for that everyday wash of colour.

The 35 Colours.

The colours may seem intimidating at first glance but these unique warmer tones, ochres and reds that are not often seen in your everyday eye palettes, are perfect shades for applying in the eye socket as a transitional colour or simply to warm up or cool down an eye look : Don’t be afraid to experiment and step out of your makeup ‘norm’ to see what works for you. You’ll be surprised once you start having a play about.

The palette is predominately warmer tones BUT scattered amongst the golden, coppery hues are some amazing cool pinks, mauves & purples. Layer them over one another, create, and experiment.

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Making your Eye Colour POP!

Using this palette, you can really bring out your eye colour and make it seem brighter and look more vivid. I’ve made it easy for you by selecting out some shades to try to work best with your eye colour, as a rough guide:

Blue Eyes – Golden shimmers, ochre, oranges, reds and coppers

Green Eyes – Warm browns, plum, copper & pinks

Hazel Eyes – Golds, Ochre, Beiges, warm browns

Brown Eyes – Golds, Yellows, Copper & Silver (The most versatile eye colour, so you can wear pretty much anything, just experiment with what works for your skin tone and hair colour)

The Best Tools?

The palette doesn’t come with brushes or applicators ; am I the only one who is actually happy about this?! …I tend to immediately throw away/ NEVER USE the brushes that come within palettes as they tend to be minature sizes and/or inadequate quality and almost after-thought. Even the really expensive palettes?! SO I for one, like the fact that there is none. What are my go-to brushes for a large palette? For a typical smokey eye, I would recommend at least 2 brushes for perfect application with a simple firm oval eye shadow brush for placement/application and a larger, fluffier brush for blending and merging the colours seamlessly ; Something like the infamous 224 blending brush from MAC is always a winner! I love the C510 Pro Oval Shader Brush and the C441 Pro Blending Crease from Crownbrush if you like a budget option.

Current Trend : Halo Eyes.

This is a really popular eye makeup look @ the moment : with a pop of bright colour in the centre of the eyelid and smokier hues on the inner and outer corner. This can also be mirrored on the lower lashline for full effect. To get the brighter halo effect in the middle of the eyelid I simply used my fingertip to press on the paler, shimmery eyeshadow to get it really vivid and bright : very easy with the metallic shades. All the eye makeup you can see on this post is using this same palette, and these are some of my favourite eye looks. The lashes are the Huda #11.

Crownbrush Rose gold eyeshadow palette, halo eye makeup, rose gold eye shadowCrownbrush Rose gold eyeshadow palette, halo eye makeup, rose gold eye shadow, halo eye makeup, rose gold eye makeupCrownbrush Rose Gold eyeshadow paletteCrownbrush Rose gold eyeshadow palette, halo eye makeup, rose gold eye shadow

The key to getting the best out of this palette is to experiment, have fun and try something a little different.

The Rose Gold 35 Eyeshadow palette is available on the Crownbrush website and is priced at a VERY affordable £22.99 : You need this in your stash I promise!

If you have any questions or comments, anything makeup related then please leave it below! Have you tried this palette yet? What do you think?