Roger & Gallet : Gingembre Rouge.

‘Ultramarine skies, the warmth of the sun, red laterite dust trails and the surrounding sea capture the escapism of Zanzibar, the inspiration behind our new fragrance. 

Spicy and addictive notes come together to create the colourful explosion of Gingembre Rouge.

Capturing the magical allure of this exotic island the fragrance invites us to dive into a sensual experience and imagine the passionate spirit of Zanzibar.’

Gingembre Rouge* (red ginger) is the latest, fresh scent from Roger & Gallet. Inspired by the exotic and glamourous location of Zanzibar. The notes include ginger, mandarin, pomegranate, ginger blossoms, orange flowers, cedar wood and musk and this fresh, summery scent has been created by infamous perfumers Alberto Morillas (Marc Jacobs Daisy, Lancome Miracle, Issey Miyake, CK one, 212, Bulgari) and Amandine Clere-Marie (Chloe, Angel amongst others).

The packaging screams summer, it is in the classic Roger & Gallet-shaped glass bottle, and has a faded red-fuschia to pink colour. You can kind of see what you are going to get just from the packaging I think? Initial thoughts are that is it a very light, energising and fresh fragrance with a lot of sweet florals first hitting the senses. A little too sweet for me, but it actually settles and warms and the more musky and warm notes shine through a bit more, which is more suited to my tastes. This is a ‘fragranced’ water as opposed to an Eau De Toilette or Parfum so it is supposed to be a very light wash of fragrance. For me, this is a daytime smell, for travels, beach holidays and daytime Ibiza parties as opposed to your showstopping evening parfum. It isn’t overpowering and for that reason, I think it will appeal to most noses as an easy-to-wear scent.

 No parabens, suitable for all skin types and dermatologically tested. Available in 30ml (£16) and 100ml (£39) which is a really affordable price for a fragrance. This and the other fragrances from Roger & Gallet can be found in your nearest M&S beauty hall, online and at selected retailers.