Makeup Kit Must-Haves | The Skincare.

I am constantly trying new skincare for my kit as I discover new brands, get tips off other makeup artists and new launches are constant. On shoots, I will take a nice selection of skincare that will cater for all skintypes and problems and over the years there has been a few firm favourites that constantly re-appear into my skincare bag. Different shoots/shows or jobs will require slightly different things so I always re-pack depending on the task (and skin) at hand…you want to utimately be prepared, but also don’t want to waste kit space with products that won’t be used. Multi-use skincare is an advantage and finding key skincare that fits many skintypes is always a benefit. It just makes like of a makeup artist easier.

Here is a handful of the skincare that have proved their worth over the years and products that my kit is a little more miserable and lacking when it’s without.


Dermalogica Active Moist.

I love that this oil-free lotion works for pretty much all skin types and simply does the job.  Great hydration for both men/women and comes in this great value 100ml tube which lasts me an age and is great for getting me through hundreds of faces at shows and fashion weeks. Clients will often like brands that they know on their skin and everyone knows Dermalogica.

Institut Estherderm Eau Cellulaire.

One of the best and most advanced facial sprays there is. It’s just REALLY good at hydrating, softening and soothing ANY skin type. I know so many top makeup artists who will never be without this product in their kit. It is an cellular water spray that mimics the water in your skin ; this in turn optimises the skin cell’s energy & boosts their activity = energised skin, well-functioning skin and hydrated skin. I use this to prep the skin, use under moisturiser/serum and to re-fresh and re-hydrate during the day to keep the makeup looking fresh and dewy.

Antipodes Rejoice face cream.

Makeup artists absolutely LOVE this  organic moisturiser. It’s a lovely lightweight formula so is great for using under makeup where you don’t want the skin to be overly greasy. This is the moisturiser I will grab when a client/model tells me they have sensitive/ reactive skin. I am constantly getting asked by people what this cream is and to write it down after shoots = models go mad for Antipodes!

Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream.

An ultimate classic. This is the original multi-use skin treatment and still going strong in kits of makeup artists all around the world. Not only does it offer instant hydration, soothing and healing powers but it is also a great space-saver in the kit as it ticks so many skincare needs. I will also use this over makeup on the model’s skin/ eyelids / brows when I am looking to achieve that really glossy, glowing skin.

Dr Brandt Pores No More.

A cult favourite and another product I have had in my kit for 7 years plus. This is a really good product to use when you are faced with a very open-pored, uneven, oily skin type that needs to be smoothed and looking perfect within seconds. I often use this on men just on it’s own to make the skin look better without the use of any makeup = works wonders! Not only does this improve the look of the skin making it instantly photo-ready but it also has an anti-bacterial ingredients so it also will treat.  Can be used a makeup primer on oilier skins.

Weleda Skin Food.

I have a minature one of these that I will always carry (&replace) in my kit as it’s so handy to have for when you come across really over-worked and stressed skin. When one of my lighter-weight creams won’t do, this gives that extra boost of natural hydration and also leaves the skin super glossy and glowing so can be great when you need that effect on a model. You only need a tiny amount of this which is why I always have a teeny tube in my bag.

Kiehl’s Creme De Corps.
I think every beauty lover knows this infamous yellow body lotion from Kiehl’s. It is nice and lightweight yet deeply hydrating and absorbs very rapidly into the skin which is an absolute must for a makeup artist’s needs! Men love it as much as women which is why I always have this in my kit and I usually have the larger 500ml size as the pump is so handy for quick-use and on the go.

Do you know or use any of these skincare bits? What are your kit essentials if you are a makeup artist?