Coming Soon | Bareminerals New Skincare.

Bareminerals is a brand probably known best for it’s innovative foundation formulas, the first mainstream mineral makeup brand and a huge line of great makeup & colour. I have tried a few of their skincare bits in the past, and it didn’t impress me so much. It wasn’t a dislike, just I wasn’t ‘wowed’ by it and nothing really stood out. I think this is all about to change. Bareminerals have spent a long time researching, reformulating and creating a whole new line of skincare, and from my first impressions, I am very impressed.

 The key behind the skincare is ‘Long Life Herb’ ; an ingredient you will probably be hearing quite a lot about soon. This SUPER Superfood as it’s referered to, hails from the small island of OKINAWA, which hosts the oldest living female population in the whole world. The local residents hail the Long Life Herb as the essential part of their longevity and wellness. It is loaded with nutrients and has a high mineral and vitamin content (even more so than kale and spinach) and this has been infused into the entire new range of Bareminerals skincare.

I’m glad to see the new line of skincare is relatively minimal, and seems to have a simple and easy approach to skincare and what you need ;

 1.) PURIFY (x4 cleansers to choose from)
2.) EMPOWER (x1 serum)  
3.)MOISTURISE (x4 to choose from)

 I was prescribed a regime from the experts at Bareminerals so have been trying out a few bits including the Clay Chameleon transforming purifying cleaner, the Skinlongevity serum and the Bare Heaven moistursier.

 The real stand out product has to be the Skinlongevity Serum (£45) which has the most wonderful and silky texture that sinks into my skin in a flash and sits under moistursier without any stickyness and is VERY good under foundation for a smooth finish. This lightweight texture is suitable for all skin types and is scientifically proven to improve skin’s overall appearance ; promoting radiance, youthfulness and protecting the skin against visible signs of ageing. 

The Clay Chameleon cleanser (£18) is a transformative cleanser that changes from a clay to a cream consistency and is great for detox a blemish-prone skin and help draw out impurities that cause further breakouts. For me, clay is not something I would cleanse with everyday as I am worried it will over-purify my skin, so this is a cleanser I am currently using every other day in the AM and it seems really good….and a bit different to anything I have at the moment too.

The Bare Haven essential moisturising soft cream (£30) is packed with peptides, ceramides & amino acids to keep the skin supple and firm and this is 1 of 4 face creams that Bareminerals are launching ; this is the one for normal-dry skin types. I have only used this a couple of PM’s so far as I have a really good moisturiser that is new that I am using so don’t want to keep switching up my full routine, but first impressions ; lovely texture, nice finish and deeply hydrating. I have started using the ‘Smart Combination‘ smoothing lightweight emulsion (£30) in my pro kit and have used it on a few clients already with promising results ; a fantastic light moisturiser for an oily/combo skin.

Have you ever tried Bareminerals skincare or makeup? Do you think it is something you would try? The new skincare range is launching exclusively in Debenhams on the 2nd June and then rolls out to all stores nationwide form the 16th June.