Skin Proud Skincare Reviews : The Best Products to Try!

skin proud skincare reviews

Skin Proud skincare is a relatively new skincare line and I wanted to talk about it a bit more and introduce to you some of my favourite products from this. It launched in 2020 (in lockdown!) and I feel like most people would have probably have seen it somewhere online or being talked about by either a makeup artist, influencer or simply doing the beauty rounds! In a nutshell, Skin Proud create gentle yet effective formulas for every day use for every day people. Champion the skin you are in!

Skin Proud was founded by Charlotte Knight who is ALSO behind Lottie London and Ciate London which I found very interesting and it all kind of made sense. Their branding is quite similar. This lady is killing it! 

Diversity and inclusion are core to everything Skin Proud. It’s a very gen-z brand in my mind : it was launched during the pandemic, it was launched totally online and it was a very social-media based launch, influencers a-plenty etc. Skin Proud are committed to showcasing all skin tones and types, genders, body sizes, and ethnicities in their campaigns and they do not and will not retouch any of their model images show-casing their products. I love this!

Skin Proud want to build a community where everyone can feel welcome, empowered, and represented. Inclusion is at the heart of the brand.

skin proud skincare reviews skin proud skin sorbet review

The muted pink, pretty packaging is a winner for me. I’m a sucker for pretty, aesthetic packaging (yes I know know, I shouldn’t be) but I do love the way it looks. It reminds me a little bit of Glossier. Skin Proud is an affordable skincare range with products costing from around £7 to £16. It is available to buy from their own website, Beauty Bay and ASOS. I would love to see this in Boots or Superdrug so it would be a little easier to get hold of as opposed to shopping online. I love to buy things physically, call me old-fashioned!

Skin Proud is a skincare range I would say is targeted towards that gen z / millennial kinda customer. the teens to late 20’s. It’s not advanced, it’s not science or results-driven and I don’t think they would disagree. This is a basic, hydration, brightening, smoothing and feel-good skincare line. Instant gratification, great skin prep and I think it’s pretty good. I am of course older than their target consumer but I can still appreciate the products and I absolutely LOVE the Skin Proud Sorbet Skin and Gel-to-Ice Hydrator as skin preps to wear under makeup. 

Here are some of my favourite products Wirth some mini-reviews! I actually didn’t include the Skin Proud Skin Sorbet for some stupid reason when I was snapping these photos but this is 100% in with my top Skin Proud products, if not my favourite!

skin proud skincare reviews

Skin Proud Velvet Cloud Cleanser.

A foaming facial cleanser that is really gentle and hydrating. Non-stripping and perfect for a quick AM cleanse in the shower or as a second cleanse after as balm in the PM.

Skin Proud Refresher.

This refreshing facial mist was one of my summer skincare staples. It gives your skin the boost it needs, enriched with a refreshing blend of japanese rose water, aloe vera and witch hazel extract. It refreshes, boosts hydrates and enlivens the skin. Great as a handbag companion! 

Skin Proud Icicle Cooling Eye Serum Stick.

A really quick and easy cooling eye serum in a clever stick formula. It has a five-part hyaluronic acid complex and the balm-to-serum instantly freshens and tightens, whilst helping to lock in hydration under the eyes. Can be used as your eye treatment or over makeup to refresh and re-hydrate.

skin proud skincare reviews skin proud skincare reviews

Skin Proud Frozen Over Ice-to-Ice Hydrator.

I love this as a quick skin prep and primer under makeup. A really unique feel and formula! This colourless gel is enriched with hyaluronic acid for a pure hydration boost and it has an instant cooling and soothing feel to it. this is instant gratification in a tub.

Skin Proud Skin Sorbet.

My no.1 product from Skin Proud. The Skin Sorbet is such a lovely and lightweight gel moisturiser, formulated with hyaluronic acid to plump and nourish the skin in an instant. It is oil-free and gives a lovely dewy, healthy finish on the skin which makes it perfect for use under makeup.

Skin Proud Sleep Hero Overnight Sleep Mask.

An overnight moisturising face mask. This is a rich and hydrating face cream designed for PM use to give an intensive re-hydration boost.  Enriched with hydrating raspberry extract and softening niacinamide for glowing skin by the AM.

Skin Proud Everything – Multi-use skin balm.

A multi-use balm. Again, this is one of my favourite products from them – just easy and intensive hydration that can be used anywhere! Contains jojoba oil and coconut oil.

skin proud skincare reviews skin proud skincare reviews

They have recently re-branded their packaging slightly so it now looks like they are colour-coding the different ranges as they extend out the Skin Proud skincare lines. I can see blue and green packaging online which is interesting but always makes it easier when selecting which range may be for you. Like I said this is simple, effective skincare that is targeted at a slightly younger age range than myself – probably to teens to late 20’s.

You can check out and shop Skin Proud skincare directly from their website here!