NEW Antipodes Healthy Lipsticks : So healthy you can (almost) eat them!

I love Antipodes. It’s a gorgeous, organic skincare (& makeup don’tcha know) brand that hails from New Zealand. They do a fantastic line of mineral makeup and have just launched a line of 12 shades of Healthy Lipstick with shades running from the soft pinks to the deeper berries : there is something for all skin tones and preferences.

Antipodes believe that their Healthy lipsticks are superior to others for 2 main reasons : The safer ingredients they have harnessed and the ultra lip conditioning formula. There are not many chemical-free lipsticks currently on the market FYI.

The formulation of this lipstick is inspired by health supplements. If you wear lipsticks quite a lot, you can ingest a HUGE amount over your lifetime, so Antipodes wanted to make it so when you do (accidentally) ingest their lippies, they are non-toxic and more safe than others.  90% of these lipstick ingredients  are pure, natural and plant-derived. Something that most other brands are NOWHERE NEAR!!

The key (gorgeous) ingredients are some of nature’s most infamous superfoods:

1.) Avocado Oil.

2.) Evening Primrose Oil

3.) Calendula Oil

4.) Argan Oil.

They also contain beeswax which is a natural anti-bacterial ingredient, shea butter, jojoba oil & Vitamin E.

With all these skin-loving ingredients, I think these are more like a lip a tinted balm-esque type product as opposed to a full on lipstick ; although they feel and look like lipstick if that makes sense. The finish of these are a little glossy, buttery and super hydrating. Perfect for the impending summer and if you have dry lips and perhaps like a more easy-to-use, natural hue of colour on your smackers.

These are certified vegetarian, the only animal by-product is the beeswax (antibacterial) which come from happy bee’s and it’s 100% sustainable. < One of Antipodes ethos’ as a brand is to respect nature and animals and only use cruelty-free and top quality sourced ingredients. Non of their products are tested on animals.

There are 12 shades for this initial launch:

The Antipodes Healthy Lipsticks are launching in the UK within weeks and will cost £19.99. 

What colours are you loving from the range? Personal favourites of mine are the Oriental Bay Plum & Remarkably Red.