Lottie London Makeup Brushes.

Lottie London is a beauty accessory brand that is available in Superdrug and they do some gorgeous makeup brushes that I have been trying out over the last few weeks. I have the Best of Brushes Collection that incorporates 5 of their brushes ; powder, foundation, blending, eyeshadow & angled liner brush. They have a really unique look to them which is their key-selling point I think, and that’s the rainbow coloured handles that match the colour-dipped brushes….and the pinterest-perfect branding on the handles. They look so pretty!

The hair on all of the Lottie London brushes are synthetic but of a really good quality and feel super soft and fluffy to touch and use. The quality of synthetic brushes has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Advantages of having synthetic (as opposed to real aka animal hair/fur) is that obviously they are animal-friendly/ cruelty-free, they are easier to clean, they don’t tend to shed or lose shape as quickly and they are usually more purse-friendly.

 You can buy all the Lottie London brushes individually (they do around 15 brushes in total) and are all around the £5-£8 mark which is SUCH a good price for how these brushes look, perform and feel. I really like the powder brush & the red eyeshadow brush which I have actually been using as my under eye concealer brush.

This set costs £19.99 which is a saving of over £10 and pretty much covers all your bases for full makeup application. 

Have you tried any Lottie London yet? What are your favourite budget brushes?