My Christmas Wish List 2017.

I think I’m one of the only people I know who receives very little at Christmas…..and this is absolutely fine. I’m not seeking sympathy (I have lots of amazing things and want not for much) it’s simply because I do not have any close family, so usually get a few small pressies from friends and in-laws and something from my husband….we would bloody hope.

The above also means my shopping list is VERY minimal…usually around 5 people, and this makes very quick and simple work of my Christmas shopping which I will usually do on Christmas eve. I don’t envy those who have to buy for crazy amounts of people, I would be at an absolute loss!

However, I still always dream about all the gorgeous things when people start discussing presents / what they are going to get etc and this year is no different. I absolutely do not NEED anything at the moment, particularly beauty-wise but in my mind I kinda do, and here is what I’m dreaming about from afar this Christmas.

[1.] Homey’s Slippers (£35) I had a pair of these years ago when they first launched and they lasted me ages, were super comfy and warm. Love all the colours and patterns they do too.

[2.] Bella Freud Iggy Leopard blend sweater (£290) This would be a mega treat and have always had my eyes on her jumpers, also the black 1970 would make me look fetch.

[3.] Aromatherapy Associates bath & shower oils. (from £35) I use these every PM in my bath so anything from this range would be welcome and save my pennies a little. I possibly should have purchased shares in this brand.

[4.] BKR Glass Water Bottle (£25) We need to use less plastic. I’m taking action in my own life to do so and first stop is a glass water bottle. BKR do great ones, and to be honest I’m just gonna buy this now as my own pressie. *Update bought it*

[5.] Huda Desert Dusk Palette. (£56) The only eyeshadow palette that has caught my full attention this year. I wanted it. I resisted. I still want it. I can’t stop thinking about that matte purple shade amongst all those oozey warm hues.

[6.] Cire Trudon Christmas Candle. (800g £225) A candle brand I have never purchased as yet. They are pricey, they are luxurious, and I have resisted thus far. They do these gold ones as limited edition *I believe* for Christmas with a range of different scents to choose from. They also do smaller sizes at around £85.

[7.] Neal’s yard Seaweed & Arnica Foaming Bath. (£15.50) I used this the other day at my friend’s house. It’s gorgeous and I want in for my evening soaking and podcasts sessions.

[8.] Adidas NMD Trainers (from £120) I obviously need a 45th pair of trainers. These are comfier than most slippers, and for my work, where I am often on my feet all day….they are PERFECT.

[9.] Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation. (£26) I purchased this when it launched. I opted for shade 280 which is me on a very-extremely-just-been-to-ibiza-for-a-month-tanned day. I need to go a couple of shades paler for winter.

[10.] Parka jacket. I lost my one of the day of the above purchase. Yes, someone stole it off the Fenty counter in Harvey Nichols so I need another. Any really….I’m not fussy, just something longline, relatively thin for layering and with a hood.

[11.] Real techniques Bleu brushes. (from £15) I’ve got a confession and that is that I do not own any RT. For years I have heard they are great, but *these* blue beauties have really caught my eye.

[12.] Too Faced Chocolate Gold Bar palette (£39) I spotted this at the Too Faced London store opening and it was winking at me.

[13.] Le Creuset Mugs. (set of 6 £85) Ok this is a ‘I’m-gettin-old-and-boring-af-present’ but they are so pretty. I spend half of my day at home drinking coffee sooooooo….yeah.

[14.] Byredo Bibliotheque candle (£55) I treated maself with this last Christmas and it’s possibly the most beautiful candle I have ever burnt.

[15.] Barbour welly socks (£25) Another ‘I’m-old-AF’ present but I got given a gorgeous pair of Le Chameau wellies for my birthday a few months ago and I’m kinda finding any excuse to wear them as they are so comfy. Just…more long/ thick socks needed for walking and muddier excursions.

So, that’s me done. After collating this round-up of products I have already ordered two of the above (I just can’t wait about, I’m too impatient!). How about you? Do you have a huge list of people to buy for at Christmas? What are you hoping to get amongst your pressies?!