National Kissing Day with the PMD KISS lip plumping device.

Yes it’s national kissing day, who even knew?! With this in mind I wanted to show off the latest beauty gadget to land on my doorstep : The PMD Kiss lip plumping device. This is as is sounds, an instant lip plumper. I’ve never used anything or seen anything like this in my life and was really intrigued as to have it even works, so lemme break it down.

The Kiss device is like a mini kind of vacuum that sucks on a lip area to increase stimulation and circulation therefore make them appear plumper. You apply the accompanying lip serum over your lips like a balm, and then you use the PMD Kiss device in x6 areas of the lip that is explained in the instruction manual & you allow the device to ‘pulse’ (suck) on that area for 15-20 times. The pulsating vacuum technology enhances collagen production for longer term lip fullness. You can use the device as often as you like, and it doesn’t bruise, hurt or damage the lips in any way – obviously use it with a sensible head and don’t pulse on one area for 100 times or anything!

Does it work? Well have a little look @ my before/ after photo’s below. I definitely made my lips feel more full after I did the treatment but it doesn’t look as impressive as I felt…..if that makes sense. Like I felt like my lips were HUGE and they weren’t, ……perhaps a good thing! *shudders at the flashback of the at-home lip plumping craze on instagram circa ’15* One very visible thing though is the colour ; it gives your lips a lovely rosy flush which is from the stimulation of the device. This colour can last up to 2 hours and the ‘plumping effect’ can last up to 7 hours. for me it was around 2 hours of plump feeling. I do actually like this device though and think it’s probably good if you want fuller lips without the injections AND it would be perfect to do before a night out or occasion as it’s so quick to do ; it takes like 2 minutes from start to end. The 2 tip applicators are inter-changeable and one is bigger than the other – you can re-use these unlimited times and simply wipe them clean after use.

I have reasonably plump lips anyway so I would be interested to see differing results on others. It definitely does do *something* : I think maybe just a stronger lip contour for myself, as my bottom lip in the ‘before’ isn’t even so I focused on making my lips symmetrical. And obviously the colour.

You can find out more information about the PMD Kiss & purchase it hereIt costs £125 and that includes a spare applicator, lip plumping serum and it has a USB charging cord .

Happy National Kissing Day!