Diptyque City Candles are BACK! Be quick…

diptyque city candles 2023

Diptyque City candles are BACK! (2023)

Hi my friends! Some exciting news that I just wanted to tell you about before they are gone.. YES the Diptyque City Candles are BACK for a very limited time only and are on sale now until the 26th April, 2023. I missed out on these last time so will definitely be treating myself to one, I’m just trying decide at the moment which one to go for! 

There are 11 Diptyque City Candles to choose from including Seoul, Paris, New York, London, Miami, Berlin, Pekin / Beijing, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beverley Hills. Each have their own unique colour way and of course, their own unique scent.

diptyque city candles 2023

Diptyque City Candles : 11 to choose from!

Seoul : When the bright modern architecture of the city meets the bucolic blossoming of hibiscus flowers, with musky notes elevated by layers of jasmine and incense.

Paris : Its aromas evoke the essence of Parisian chic: a mysterious chypre accord elevated by a fragrant facet of lavender.

New York : An ode to the golden age of speakeasies and New York’s nightlife: cedar, vetiver and patchouli are deepened by mysterious incense.

London : Its fragrance whisks you away to the heart of Columbia Road Flower Market, blending heliotrope, lilac, juniper and hyacinth warmed by a hint of spice.

Pekin / Beijing : A homage to this ancient city, its architecture and history, with an elegant and mysterious woody floral accord lifted by the aromatic notes of green tea.

Tokyo : The fond memory of strolling down paths lined with Japanese cypresses. The air carries the soothing aromas of incense from a nearby temple.

Hong Kong : In an ode to the city’s emblematic orchid, Bauhinia Blackeana, a floral-vanilla accord is enveloped in rice steam.

Shanghai  : The expression of intimate ties with Chinese tradition: delicately scented osmanthus flowers are combined with green tea as a homage to the tea ceremony.

Beverley Hills : Reminiscent of palm trees and luxuriant gardens in whose shade grow intense bouquets of white flowers, mint and lemon.

Berlin : Reminiscent of a walk down the German capital’s most prestigious avenue, soothed by the heady fragrance of blooming lime trees: a powerful fragrance with light traces of honey.

Miami : An exotic accord in which the delicate scent of magnolia flowers is lifted by delicious notes of lemon in a nod to the famous Floridian dessert, Key Lime Pie.

diptyque city candles 2023 diptyque city candles 2023 diptyque city candles 2023I haven’t smelt any of these personally so I cannot recommend any but for me personally, I am going to go for either the New York or Paris from the notes….and London because that’s ‘my city’. They are available only for another week so do be quick on these : they come in just the 190g size (60 hours burning time) and cost a bit of an eye-watering £68

I have used Diptyque candles since wayyyyy before they become popular like they are now : I purchased my first ever Diptyque candle way back in 2007 from Space NK and I felt so fancy and they cost £32 if I remember correctly. How crazy is that?! I am a big Diptyque fan : I love both the perfumes and the candles and always recommend investing in them for a real treat, a lovely gift or simply if you can afford them! They burn really well, the smell is strong on most of the scents AND of course the beautiful glass jars are perfect for using for many years after : cosmetics storage, makeup brushes, herb pots and even coffee! 

Do you think you will be grabbing a Diptyque city candle this time around?

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