PIXI Sheer Cheek Gels : Simple & Easy Colour.

Fresh and healthy skin is only a fingertip away with these sheer, translucent pops of colour. The PIXI Sheer Cheek Gels come in just 3 shades, yet work on all skin tones and are super quick and easy to apply with a dab and blend of the fingers for even the most lousy of makeup enthusiasts.

Quick, simple colour and these gels not only add glow and dew to the skin but they also give a long wear, all-day stain of natural blush. The formulas are oil-free, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. I find these particularly good on a normal, dry and mature skin as they hydrate and impart a bit of instant dew, giving a really healthy just-been-for-a-run look to the skin.

MY TIP : Mix a dab of this on the back of your hand and a dollop of High Beam or similar for ultimate flushed radiance.

I wouldn’t suggest these if you like layers upon layers of insta-makeup and powder as gel over layers can sometimes break down the product. These kind of blushers work best simply over a tinted moisturiser, foundation as the last touch of colour, for a more simple, chic and understated look.

It’s good to also note that *AREN’T* as bright or as scary as they look in the tubes as they are a translucent gel ; ‘Flushed’ almost looks black in the tube but applies almost like Benetint….a deep cherry red. My favourite shade is ‘Rosy’ which is fuschia pink and for the paler skinned gals and guys out there ; you will be a little bit on love with ‘Natural’ which is a muted dusky rose.

The PIXI Sheer Cheek Gels are priced at £14 and are available online and at their boutiques.