My New Everyday Lip Thang : Dr Paw Paw Tinted Peach Pink Balm.

Dr Paw Paw balm was first introduced to us back in 2013 ; it was a simple, colourless, fragrance-free multi balm made from pawpaw (papaya) that could be used anywhere and everywhere over the body. I’ve been using Pawpaw balms in my professional makeup kits for nearly 15 years and they are definitely a kit essential and my clients always love them.

More recently they have launched some gorgeous tinted versions and I need to gush to you about the Dr Paw Paw Tinted Peach Pink Balm. IT’S SEXY, I am wearing it pretty much on the daily, and it’s multi-purpose colour.

Key ingredients include (obvs) pawpaw/papaya which is full of nutrients and anti-oxidants and vitamins C & B. This provides soothing, anti-inflammatory properties and is also a fabulous source of moisture to the skin. Aloe Vera Juice retains moisture, helps skin regeneration and tones the skin. It *does* contain Petrolatum which immediately may some people have a little sniff about BUT it’s highly refined therefore is not in any way bad for the skin and it acts simply as an inexpensive skin-conditioning agent. If this balm cost £25 *cough 8 hr cream* I would have a problem with this, but it doesn’t.

The peach-pink tinted balm, not only preps and nourishes the lips perfectly but the subtle tint of colour is super pretty, subtle and wearable for all.  It also looks gorgey on the cheeks for a hint of dewy flush. How much does this wondrous tube of glorious-ness cost I hear you cry! Well it’s only £6.95 *standing ovations* and I promise you, it’s worth every penny and more. It’s my daily go-to colour and I am yet to see this shade on someone it doesn’t look pretty on.

They also do a red version which I am yet to try ; I really hope they will bring out more shades this year…how pretty would a fuchsia tint be or even a grape/purple shade?

PERFECT for this time of year, when less makeup is a godsend on humid and sticky skins and our lips can get a little dry and flakey. I am all for using minimal makeup and if one product does two or three things then it gets a big thumbs up from me. I know I am late to this Dr Pawpaw pardy as I have seen it all over social for the last few years and I am so pleased it’s lived up to expectations and more.

Have you tried this or any pawpaw balms yet?