ME Weekend.

Off the back off Mental Health Awareness week and the great exposure it has had thanks to social media and various campaigns, I’ve been thinking, reflecting and pondering about mental health…. in general and more so (& unapologetically selfishly)…my mental health.

It’s not something that I want to discuss on my blog at the moment. I applaud those that so openly share their thoughts and feelings, but I am, for the most part, a deeply private person when it comes to certain aspects of my life, and I’m just not ready to talk. However, I can tell you I have my own issues, things that effect my day-to-day life and sometimes….. I just HAVE to be alone to mend.

This weekend I am home alone. By choice. I needed my own space so my husband gave it to me & went away for the weekend. I am simply doing menial chores and enjoying my own company : Simplicity can sometimes help with complexity. I think it’s something that we all need once in a while. Time with yourself to reflect, justify, ponder and clear your jumbled mind.

I am baking. Without calorie counting.

I am switching off social media (a little more), I’m talking myself into not caring so much about my meagre 185 subscribers on You Tube.

I am watching the cheesey TV shows that I’ve been storing up in my watch lists. HI RIVERDALE MARATHON SESH.

I’m turning off my alarm and sleeping in past 9am.

I am unwinding, relaxing and being peaceful.

I am not wearing ALL the loungewear and fleecy socks.

I am slowly walking to the supermarket and meandering around with nobody to rush me, and nothing to get back to.

I am going running along my secret path, the one where no one see’s me.

I am spring-cleaning. De-cluttering. Filling black bags.

I am thinking of fond memories of my mum & dad.

I am organising. Paperwork. Blog schedules. E-mails. Invoicing. The long list of scribbles is getting more ticks.

I am having long, hot baths. I am pampering, preening my overworked and sad skin.

I am trying to appreciate everything great in my life and all the brilliant people around me.

I am trying to feel like I belong & I am gaining some control back.

That’s what my ”Me Weekend” is all about. Here’s to feeling refreshed, positive and emotionally lighter.