TIGI Catwalk Your Highness [Volume Collection]

My flat and fine hair is something that I have just accepted and taken begrudgingly onboard. I often wear clip-in hair extensions to add volume and length, but this is not something I can be bothered to do every day. So days that I am ‘au natural’ I like to make the most of my fine locks by using volume boosting styling products. I have tried LOADS.

Some of my new favourites are this little lot from the TIGI ‘Your Highness’ catwalk range. First up, I absolutely LOVE this packaging, very luxe looking and feeling and I love the huge salon style bottles. I have been using the thickening gel, the root boost spray and the hairspray. All of them smell delicious and they are a pleasure to use. (They have a soft jasmine, violet and vanilla fragrance er YUM.)

How do they work?

So I have been layering these products, which usually, if you are using a good quality brand, is absolutely fine, it won’t be loaded full of nasties and horrendous amounts of silicones so layering the products is beneficial.

I use the thickening gel lightly all through my towel-dried hair, I then flip my hair upside down and spray the root spray all over the roots and I massage this in with my fingertips. The root spray comes out in a fine mist foam. Now on the instructions you should blow dry your hair after (both products have heat protection in them), but I often just air dry it (healthier!) and I still see great results. My hair has more texture and plumpness and it is much easier to style. If you have fine hair like me you will know as soon as your hair is freshly washed and then dried…..it is so soft and fine that it is difficult to do anything with it. With these volumising products my hair has more grip to do things with!!

Above: The light pink gloop that is the thickening gel. It smells lovely and feels light on the hair.

TIP: If you have fine hair, when it is freshly washed, add some kind of volume spray/gel before you dry your hair. Once it is dried, if it is still feeling too ‘soft’ for styling then spray dry shampoo straight onto the hair and brush through. This will give a bit more texture and grip.

The firm hold hairspray also has a beautiful soft fragrance which I love, and seems to linger lightly for a few hours. It is a really nice light spray formula , infused with protective botanicals that doesnt feel sticky or crispy. Easy to brush out at the end of the day and hair goes back to kinda normal. I have to wash my hair pretty much everyday anyway so then I just start the same process all over again the next day!

Any fine-haired peeps out there who have tried anything spectacular? TIGI catwalk also do a volumising shampoo and conditioner which I am going to try after I have finished up my Shu Uemura products I’m currently using.