Gatineau Aquamemory skincare : Perfect summer hydration.

It’s that time of the year when our skin is a little more exposed to the elements (mainly = SUN) and with all those post-work cocktails, holidays, excursions, festivals and too much FUN and SUN , our skin can hate us a little a feel a little sorry for itself and need a burst of hydration. I don’t like my skincare to feel overly rich or oily so here is a couple of products from skincare powerhouse Gatineau that will give you glowing, hydrated skin, without the greasy feels.

Haven’t heard of Gatineau?! Here is more about the lil’ legend that is the founder and about the brand:

Gatineau was founded by Madame Jeanne Gatineau (ledgey) ; a French female visionary who helped shape the beauty industry. In 1937, at the age of 52, Jeanne Gatineau opened her first Parisian beauty salon and in 1940 she used her beauty experience and expertise to launch the anti-ageing skincare house we know today. However Jeanne Gatineau’s most celebrated accomplishment came at the grand age of 65, when she opened the world’s first beauty school in 1950.

 In the 1970’s Gatineau become the first brand to discover and implement the benefits of caffeine, antioxidants and vitamins E and F in skincare. In the 1980’s Gatineau discovered the powerful anti-ageing properties of retinol and became the first brand to launch a successful retinol cream (WOW!). Since then, Gatineau has continued to create skincare products that advance the beauty industry and the brand’s worldwide reputation as an anti-ageing specialist.

The Gatineau Aquamemory range is kind of their first step into the brand – not hugely anti-ageing but ALL about nourishing, plumping and re-hydrating the skin.

The Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Cream is a lightweight gel texture but infuses the skin with hydration and moisture and is PERFECT for a dry and dehydrated skin and especially for those who don’t like a rich, thick cream on their face. On application, it is refreshing, soothing and it feels like silk AND it’s so good for priming the skin under makeup. This contains a cocktail of potent anti-oxidants so it is anti-ageing in the fact it protects the skin from free radicals (the 2nd most ‘ageing’ element after the sun!).

My favourite hydration mask of the moment = the Aquamemory High Hydration Cream Mask. Everyone needs a moisture mask in their stash! It’s so soothing and ticks the boxes perfectly when your skin is feeling overworked, under nourished and a little sorry for itself. This moisture mask is a perfect pamper and I also like to slather it on pre-flight or even overnight if my skin is particularly parched and sad.

Sidenote ; just because these products are targeted towards dry/dehydrated skin to re-hydrate, please don’t think they aren’t good for a combination skin as you can definitely (& often) become dehydrated too, particularly of you are using oil-balancing, anti-bacterial skincare and acids. Probably avoid if you are really oily, they have other creams for you from the Clear & Perfect range.

Have you heard of Gatineau or tried any of their wonderful skincare?

Gatineau is available to buy from their website, Feel Unique, QVC, M&S Beauty and