Mulberry Bag Sale : How and Where to Buy a Mulberry Bag for a Discount!

mulberry bag sale uk

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Mulberry handbags can be snapped in the sales and on discount by numerous ways.  Today I’m going to chat about all the ways to score Mulberry bags in the sales / for discount and for really good prices. 

I have shopped for Mulberry handbags in most of the ways : full price in-store, at their factory shop in Somerset, at Bicester village and even in the Boxing day sales in a department store! If you want to snag a bargain on Mulberry handbags then keep reading and I’ll talk you through the BEST ways.

mulberry handbag sale uk

Mulberry Bag Sales (in-store)

It’s definitely worth checking out department stores etc in the Christmas sales etc : Selfridges, Harrods, John Lewis, House of Fraser’s and the rest. I’ve don’t often dare the boxing day sales for fear of trampling (!) but I did once get a great bargain on a Mulberry Alexa bag in the boxing day sales.

They also do online Mulberry sales (on their website) if you don’t fancy braving the chaos of the usual in-store sales.

Mulberry Bag Outlets in the UK:

Here in the UK there are a few outlets where you can grab Mulberry handbags on sale….all year round! There are 3 main specific Mulberry outlets (owned by Mulberry) which are stand-alone shops as opposed to within a department store. These shop always and only have Mulberry on sale/ no full prices!

Bicester village (Oxfordshire) is probably the BEST as it has an incredible Mulberry store (I purchased my last Mulberry handbag from here!). There is LOADS of choice and yeah, a few of them are seasonal (sometimes questionable!) shades but there are lots to choose from and the discount tends to range from 10-30%. On a £1000+ handbag, even a 10% discount can make all the difference though. When I was there I got a near £800 bag for £600 and I will chat about that and show you what I purchased in another post! I

You can also get Mulberry handbags in the Mulberry York Outlet (Mulberry Outlet, 23-25 Swinegate, York, YO1 8AZ United Kingdom)

and Mulberry Cheshire Oaks : Mulberry Outlet, Unit 169-170, Kinsey Rd, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire Oaks, CH65 9JJ

Mulberry Bag Factory Outlet (Somerset)

Mulberry Factory Shop, The Old School House, Kilver Street, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 5NF

This is the Mulberry HQ and factory in Somerset ; This is the heart of Mulberry handbags and where they are all made! They also have a shop/ outlet where you can find discounted Mulberry handbags, the occasional factory seconds and old seasonal designs and shades. I have been here a couple of times and I am planning a visit in January so will document my visit (and if I buy anything!), but from what I remember of the times before ; there was great choice and some decent savings of around 20%-40%  but it really varied. I think, like any outlet you can be really lucky with the day you go on….or unlucky!

Mulberry Preloved (online!)

This is relatively new to Mulberry and something I am really excited for! They have a ‘Preloved’ section on their website where you can sell your old Mulberry bags. They are obviously all authenticated AND restored so they all seem to be in beautiful condition with around 20%-30% off RRP, condition/model depending. As they are going through a 3rd party, and that 3rd party being Mulberry themselves, it’s not the cheapest way to buy second hand, but you definitely get peace of mind, authentification and a more ‘normal’ online retail shopping experience.  A good place to go if you are nervous of other sites as you know you will get the real deal from Mulberry.

I’ve had a quick look on Mulberry Preloved and they currently have lots of Mulberry Bayswaters, Alexa’s, Lily’s, and a couple of Antony’s and a couple of one of my favourites…..The Mulberry Roxanne! I tend to like the more unusual / older designs and this actually would be a great place for me to buy second hand I think…..I’m already tempted!

Here are some of the bags on Mulberry Preloved right now! CLICK TO SHOP.



Online Marketplaces:

Places such as Vestiare Collective are a really safe bet as they have a great reputation and authenticate the designer items that sell, so you have that level of protection and security.

Ebay, Depop etc:

You can definitely find legit and authentic Mulberry handbags on all these sites but obviously you just need to be more careful with buying designer items this way. It’s handy to know how to spot a fake Mulberry bag and authenticate it (my next post will be giving you some key pointers for this!). However, if you are lucky and manage to find what you are looking for at the right price, you can get a Mulberry handbag for more than 50/60% off this way. The highest reward, and possibly the highest risk!

mulberry outlet uk mulberry bag sale

So I hope that little guide to getting a Mulberry bag on sale / discount was handy. I always find if you have something with all the information and places then it’s easier to make a considered choice of where you want to purchase and weigh up the pro’s and con’s! Boxing day sales you *could* grab that bargain Mulberry bag if you are lucky…..but you *may* be getting up at 4am, freezing in the Q and not even finding the bag you want all for nothing – it’s the risk when shopping for any designer item in the sales isn’t it?!

Mulberry bag sales : are you ready?! Let me know if you found this useful and also your Mulberry sale and or second-hand shopping stories!