Baby Boy Clothes : The BEST places to buy and some bargains I have found!

the best baby boy clothing brands uk

Baby boy clothes : The best places to buy!

So we are very close to having our second baby…..and it’s a boy! It’s all very exciting and we cannot wait for our new addition to the family. We are now counting down the weeks and days and getting all the last minute preparations sorted and buying the all-important baby clothes. So many people have said to me that boy clothing is way less fun than girls’ clothing…and I have to say, it is definitely harder to find nice boys clothing, but if you look in the right places there is some really lovely stuff. Maybe just a little harder to find!

I’ve never had any issues with buying girls’ clothing in the supermarkets as many have really upped their game in these last few years and the choice is absolutely fantastic. I would say around 70% of my daughter’s clothing is picked up as I do my weekly supermarket shop – not only is it convenient but the prices are often really good. Boys clothes in the supermarkets though?….It’s a different ball game. So much same-samey colours and designs (navy blue with orange or yellow neon seems to be the fave) and a lot of stereotypical ‘BOY’ things such as diggers, trains and dinosaurs. All fine, of course, but there just doesn’t seem to be so much choice or deviation from that. 

Unisex clothing sections are definitely becoming more popular and most clothing shops will have these section’s for children at the moment and these are a little more easy colours, neutrals, not so much garish prints etc. So that’s where I have been heading!

the best baby boy clothing brands uk


I have to say : online shopping has been the way these last couple of months. Simply for ease and during the summer holidays, I often have my hands-full with my 5-yr old and clothes shopping isn’t too much interest to her ha ha. There is something nice about being able to do it all from a laptop and returns are super easy and stress-free and it has been saving me SO much time. Would recommend! This is coming from someone who pre-lockdown, had probably only eve placed like 2 online orders in my whole life.

Very are an online shopping retailer who do a huge amount of brands, categories and honestly, I couldn’t believe the choice. I thought it was simply a clothing retailer but they do beauty, electricals, garden & home, jewellery, gaming, prams, cots and everything else in between!

For baby and kids clothing they do brands such as Mamas & Papas, Levi’s, Converse, Nike, Vans, Uggs and Adidas to name a few. They also do their own essential range (called ‘Everyday’) which is affordable and fantastic quality ; I have some of their own baby grows, muslins and vests. They often have great deals and discounts on too so always keep checking back.

I have also done a few orders on M&S, NEXT and Matalan who seem to have some great bits in at the moment. I think I have everything ticked off the baby boy clothing list and we are done int terms of essentials and what we need initially. It can be so easy to go OTT and buy ALL thine things but you end up not using .


You of course want everything and all those cute two pieces but honestly the reality of it is that they pretty much just wear vests, sleep suits, nappies, socks and hats for the first few months! Once you are in that newborn baby bubble of disrupted sleep, 12 nappy changes a day, piles of washing and cold cups of coffee you just kind of want everything to be as simple and easy for you as possible. Babies sleep, poop, feed and cuddle and you want them to be comfortable too.

Honestly : vests, socks, sleep suits, bibs and hats, I can’t say this enough!

Of course, I have some sweet onesies and two-pieces that aren’t sleep suits but these will be dusted off probably a little later, or when we have something special or someone special visiting. It’s also ok to want to dress your baby in cute outfits if you have the time and energy as an FYI, we are all different!


As discussed above, a lot of supermarkets and retailers are doing essential / basic ranges which are more affordable. Matalan seems to be very good and also the VERY ‘Everyday’ range is where you can pick up some budget-friendly baby essentials ; I have a pack of their muslins, baby vests and sleep suits and they are honestly brilliant quality. 

We obviously need to address the current climate here in the UK and the cost of living crisis : times are hard and we are all feeling the pinch I think. If you are struggling with budgets and affording baby / kids clothing then do check out your local charity shops, local Facebook parent pages (there’s often buy/swap pages), Facebook marketplace, and also….charities do free baby bundle packages if you simply cannot afford and are really struggling. You can speak to your midwife and/or health visitor about these schemes and they will be able to connect you and point you in the right direction. 

I have been donated some incredible baby bits from neighbours and friends too – and have done the same with my daughter’s clothing she has outgrown so it can feel like a bit of a hub of help in the community. Our baby boy will also be wearing a LOT of hand-me-down’s from my daughter too. Luckily my penchant for neutral-ish baby and kids clothing has always been a thing so we have a fair amount. I’ve only really had to purchase a handful of things…plus I did want some nice new things for the new baby which I think is only natural!

the best baby boy clothing brands uk the best baby boy clothing brands uk

So I hope you found a bit of inspo from this post all about baby boy clothing and the best places to buy. Also, please let me know if you have found any amazing places or brands for shopping I would love to know!

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