The BEST foundations for mature skin : 2023.

the best foundations for mature skin 2023The BEST foundations for mature skin (2023)

As a professional makeup artist, I am getting asked this SO much at the moment so I thought I would write a post to talk all things mature skin, foundations and my top foundation recommendations that will hopefully suit all skin types and budgets. 

We are VERY lucky now in terms of choice. There are so many more brands and options now, which is incredible BUT it can also make the shopping experience a little confusing as we are constantly told about new makeup, the *best* bases and all these different techniques. I want to make it all a little easier for you…

the best foundations for mature skin 2023

Best makeup for mature skin.

As we grow older our skin can loose it’s plumpness as we loose collagen, it can also become a little more sallow in the tone. As a preference as well, a lot of mature ladies, tend to prefer the lighter bases and more natural finishes. In short I think we all want to simply look glowing, radiant, healthy and a bit more even right?! Also, fine lines and wrinkles are more prevalent and you can sometimes get foundation / makeup settling into lines which we want to avoid.

I turned 40 last year and although I’m not seeing age-spots and skin-sagging etc, I definitely am wanting a fresher look and feel on my skin…and I’m all about the fresh glow. So speaking from personal experience and working with mature skins for over 18 years now as a professional makeup artist I can tell you that makeup needs and preferences will probably change as you age!

Mature skin can appear more dull + sallow.

As touched upon above, mature skin will loose pigment in the skin as we age. This can make the skin appear   a bit pale and sallow. If you are reading this and feeling like this is a problem for you – then my advice is to definitely opt for a base or primer that has a slight pink and glowy tint to it. This will counteract the dullness and give a youthful appearance. A few of my recommendations would be. : The Elemis Superfood Glow Lotion, By Terry Lumi CC Serum, PIXI Rose Radiance Perfector, the Revlon Rose Glow illuminating primer and the new Chanel No.1 De Chanel Skin enhancer.

You may not have a problem will a sallow tone, maybe just dullness, ore even redness – in that case just grab an illuminating primer or correcting primer that enlivens and flatters your skin tone. 

How to choose a foundation for mature skin?

Firstly and most importantly : BUDGET! This will dictate perhaps where you go looking for foundation and also it can eliminate a huge amount, making the search a little easier. Secondly, what COVERAGE and FINISH you would like. We currently have all types of coverages and finishes available to us so if you want something light in coverage, look at tinted moisturisers, BB’s and CC creams. For a more medium to full coverage, you want to be looking at your standard foundation. Lastly : texture and type of foundation. There are many different formulas, the most popular being a cream (slightly thicker) or liquid (slightly lighter than a cream). We also have serum textures, stick / pan (usually very thick) and powders (both loose and pressed).

the best foundations for mature skin 2023

The BEST foundations for mature skin (2023).

There are so many choices at our fingertips, and honestly I could have doubled the amount I included here as there are so many great foundations suitable for mature skin. However, I whittled it down to the most popular and most-loved, both by myself, clients and my makeup artist friends. As a side note : although these foundations work exceptionally well on mature skins, most of them are suited to ALL skin types so don’t think because you are in your 20’s or 30’s then these aren’t for you!

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.

This is one of the ULTIMATE foundations and loved by professional makeup artists for so many reasons. I don’t  know anyone who does not love this foundation and it’s my go-to for when I want my skin to look flawless, radiant and natural. It’s a great base for weddings and brides and red carpet as it just solves everything an looks brilliant on all skin types. The Armani Luminous Silk Foundation has Microfil technology which helps sculpt and brighten the skin. It is oil-free, smoothing and lightweight on the skin. Hands down one of the best foundations ever!

NARS Light Reflecting Foundation.

NARS never seem to disappoint with their bases! The NARS Reflecting Foundation took the place of the much-adored ‘Sheer Glow’ formula a few years ago, and honestly…it’s way better! This blurs the look of the skin whilst giving a smooth and natural medium-buildable coverage. It is infused with skincare to nourish and treat the skin as you wear and has a whopping 36 shades to choose from.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation.

This is one of my favourite high street / budget all-rounder foundations. I think L’Oreal do a few fabulous bases that work really well on mature skin ( BB Cover / True Match Nude Plumping Serum) but this is probably the one that will work for most skin types and needs. It is super blendable and user-friendly and is powered by hyaluronic acid to ensure skin is smooth, plump and fresh-looking.

Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Skin Tint.

This is is the newest base to my collection and I think it’s a brilliant glowy and long-wearing base. It enlivens the dullest of skin, feels weightless and is perfect for hot and humid conditions too. It makes the skin look buttery and healthy and it’s just £12.99 which is a great price. If you want coverage but hate the feeling of makeup on, then this could be the one for you. It’s such a lightweight serum texture and it also contains vitamin C for brightening the skin.

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

This is a secret weapon! The cheapest foundation in my line-up but this really packs a punch. Perfecting smoothing and feels lovely and light on the skin. It has a medium to full coverage if you build it up and a satin, velvety finish on the skin. Perfect if you need a heavier coverage without the look or feel and you are on a budget. 

the best foundations for mature skin 2023

Dr Jart BB Premium Beauty Balm.

This is a lovely dewy and lightweight second-skin base. I would say this has similar coverage to the Trinny, perhaps a touch more and it gives a little more glow. It may be too dewy for some but if you are normal-dry then this is a fabulous daytime base that contains SPF 50. It protects, hydrates and conceals one one sweep.

Trinny BFF Serum De-Stress.

The is the ultimate no-makeup base for when you want a lighter weight coverage! It’s skin tint as opposed to a full-on foundation so gives a light-light/medium coverage. It is infused with lots of incredible skincare to make the skin feel nourished, hydrated and glowing and simply makes the skin look healthy and well-rested. Believe the hype, it’s a good as everyone says it is!

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation.

WOW how hyped was this when it launched? One thing Charlotte Tilbury is incredible for is her marketing : you certainly know when there is a new Charlotte Tilbury product in town! This foundation is actually my favourite they have ever done, and I’ve used them all from the very start (and maybe even some factory samples pre-launch 😉 It is a great all-rounder foundation and kind of ticks all the boxes. Good coverage, a nice feel and finish on the skin, long wearing and a great selection of shades. You can see my full review of this here.

IT Cosmetics CC cream

This is a brilliant foundation if you want to get a fuller coverage without it looking heavy and cakey. Don’t be fooled by the ‘CC’ in the name as a lot of us will associate this with lighter coverage : this is definitely a medium to full coverage foundation. I have used this for so many years and always come back to it. It is hydrating, smoothing, colour-correcting and contains SPF 50.

the best foundations for mature skin 2023

So where is best to go on your hunt for the perfect foundation? Well if you are close / in a bigger city then you should have loads of easy options such as Boots, Superdrug, Space NK and department stores which will hold most of these brands. Also check Notino online for their incredible beauty sales.

So I hope you found my round-up of the best foundations for mature skin helpful and it gave you some ideas for what to try next. As always please ask me any questions below or you can always DM me on Instagram (@LauraLouMakeup) and I will get back to you.