Makeup Tips : Customising Your Perfect Foundation.

If you are anything like me, you have a huge bunch of foundations in your stash that you skip between, mix and use depending on how your skin is that week, how tanned you are that week and how much coverage you need. 

A few months ago I was going away on holiday and instead of choosing a favourite foundation to take away with me (with accompanying primer and or/illuminator) I decided to put some into a small travel pot I got from Boots…… then I got carried away, and ended up making the PRODIGAL foundation but mixing a drop of this, a pinch of that and a dollop of whatever.

I haven’t looked back since and every couple of weeks, I refill and re-mix up another batch of my custom foundation…..and it changes depending on how my skin is, the tan, the coverage I need etc etc. Hence, why it’s SO good in a small pot, as that’s kind of how quick I get bored and want to mix up a fresh batch.

Skincare is optional and definitely don’t add skincare in instead of applying it on your face, but use it simply to *boost* your foundation AKA a a dollop of hydrating serum/cream if you are dry/dehydrated or a touch of mattifying primer if you are oily – but still apply your skincare as usual before you apply your foundation.

TAKE NOTE! Be mindful of mixing silicone VS water-based products together as they do not merge well, not just in a custom foundation but in general. So if your primer / serum is silicone based, then don’t mix it with a water-based foundation. (most foundations are silicone-based FYI).

How to Custom Blend your Perfect Foundation:

1. Get a travel pot from Boots/Superdrug or similar.

2.Gather together your favourite foundation / primer/ bases & serums.

3.Mix your chosen selection into your pot and mix with a cotton bud

4.Test it on your face – then adjust as needed (the colour, the consistency, the glow etc)

5.VOILA You have your own custom made foundation.

I personally like a lot of glow BUT have oily skin so I have been mixing in a smoothing/ mattifying primer along with liquid illuminator to ensure it’s not too glowy/ shiny/oily looking! I have also been adding a touch of the OSKIA Get Up & Glow serum when I am feeling more dehydrated. In my current perfect foundation blend I have : 1/4 pipette Oskia Get up & Glow Serum, a large dollop of Urban Decay BB Bronzing Balm, 2 pumps By Terry CC Lumi Serum (shade 4), 5 x drops Cover FX custom foundation drops & a small dollop NYX Liquid Illuminator. 

It takes around 1 minute to whizz up my foundation blend and this sized tub is lasting me 2 weeks of application. It’s definitely worth a try if you struggle to get the perfect wear, look and coverage to your foundation.

Is this something you have done before or would do?! Perhaps you already have a perfect foundation/shade that you can rely on every time?