Makeup Artist must-have! Dermalogica redness relief primer SPF20

It’s not too often that I get excited by makeup primers and with me being a makeup artist that may sound a bit weird. Yes, I use them…yes I like them, but usually they are pretty much the same base ingredients, they make skin feel lovely and smooth with a touch of silcone and help your makeup apply a bit better and stay on longer. They need to have a bit of oomph or something a little different to get my attention and this new one from Dermalogica, the Redness Relief Primer SPF20 has done just that.

It contains the usual primer silicones which help to blur out imperfections and make the skin look and feel smoother and more perfect, but has a few added extras such as a translucent green tint to reduce redness, skincare to calm and soothe the skin AND an SPF protection. It ticks a lot more boxes than just ‘skin-smoothing’ hence why I really like this primer.

My Thoughts

I am not particularly red and it’s not a concern of mine, but I have tried this out and it made my foundation flawless and sheen-free for most of the day. It’s gone straight into my professional makeup kit as I do get LOTS of clients who sit in my chair and immediately I can see they have red, blotchy, inflamed skin that can be corrected with makeup, but this primer is a great FIRST STEP to start the calming process and I am going to be using this A LOT. Also really good for guys who don’t want foundation but need a little ‘help’ in the skin area. Pores are immediately softened and the skin just looks a lot more smooth and perfected. Think of this like a Dr Brandt ‘Pores No More’ with a green tint. I also am loving the plastic tube-squeezing contraption in comes with….wish ALL tubey products came with one of these!

Added Primer Benefits

Short term benefits are obvious with a makeup primer but as I just mentioned, this also has skincare benefits so will also help you longterm. Oat extracts, oat kernel oil and the Dermalogica ‘Ultracalming’ complex all will soothe and condition the skin. SPF20 is a great added benefit, although I know a lot of primers have SPF nowadays. However, THIS one doesn’t give you that whitey finish that some of the SPF ones can…cough NARS. Formulated without any artificial colours, fragrances or parabens. A must-have primer for sensitive skins.


Maybe a little. I’ve had a scour on the interweb and the cheapest I can find is at Pure-Beauty for £34.80. Not cheap for just 22ml of product, but it does a bit more than just smooth out those pores and fine lines. Makeup artists : One for the kit.

 Are you using a makeup primer at the moment? What is your favourite one?