Makeup News : BUXOM now in the UK!

Sephora hotlist favourite BUXOM is now available to buy (again) in the UK – Hoorah! I say ”again” because when it was little-known back just 4 years ago, it was available in the UK. Remember? No, nor did I.

BUXOM is all about being bold, brave and sexy with your makeup, whatever that means to you. Plumping formulas, amazing lip textures and bright, but wearable shades…AND it’s back in the UK. It’s now available exclusively within select Debenhams stores and online to purchase.

I think it’s a great fit for Debenhams as they have really excelled in their beauty brands over the last few years, with many of the big cult U.S brands over here thanks to them such as Too Faced and Kat Von D ;  more please Debs TA.

Aren’t familiar with this brand? Then check out a few of their key items : ‘Full-On’ Lip Polish lip gloss , the Wildly Whipped lightweight liquid lipstick, and their Lash mascara.

Are you familiar with BUXOM? What do you think of this range?