My Top 10 Series to Watch During Lockdown.

photo courtesy of BBC America

If you have more time on your hands than usual during the lockdown, there are many ways to keep yourself occupied whether it be online courses, you tube, tutorials, learning a new skill (have you joined in with our #ArtFromTheSofa Instagram project? GET ON IT!), gardening, sleeping or anything else.

With TV networks such as Netflix, Amazon and all the fancy smart TV stuff that I still don’t really understand…there are so, SO many incredible series at our watching disposal. Now I am a huge horror and thriller fan, but i’m leaving those to the side for the time and I’m going to recommend my top 10 feel-good or just pretty awesome things to get stuck into on TV.

1.  LOST 

I have watched this from the start again and am currently around series 6. Do I have a clue what’s going on the second time around? Absolutely NOT but I am very much here for the bootcut denim, the crazy plot twists and Sawyer saying ‘freckles’. Amazon

2.The End of the Fuc**ing World.

Fancy a teenie-type programme that isn’t the cringe-fest of pretty Little Liars? Say hello to this dark comedy that follows two 17-year old outsiders on a strange little journey of exploration.  Different. Funny. Dark. Witty. Really well-written and great actors. Netflix

3. Sons of Anarchy. 

Again, another one I have started watching from the start all over again. Not uplifting or light-hearted *but* it has got a touch of humour and laughs amongst the biker gang feuds, drug and illegal firearm running and porn stars. Oh…..and Charlie Hunnam will brighten even the most miserable of days I promise you that. Netflix.

4.It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

If you aren’t a Friends fan like myself, this could be the ‘bad friends’ fix that you never knew you needed : 5 narcissistic friends with big egos running an Irish pub in Philadelphia. They are all pretty terrible people trying to make their break in life by any which-way they can and it’s awkwardly hilarious. A dark sense of humour is needed, but this is one of the best comedy series on Netflix.

5. Marie Kondo 

Because why not? We have the time to turn our homes into a clutter-free haven of sensical things, so the time is nigh. Get Marie Kondo in your life and you will start to fold your underwear and socks like never before! I am constantly living in a circle of tidying, feeling unorganised, tidying up me un-organisation and repeat. Watching just 1 episode made me organise my day-to-day a little better and it just makes so much sense. Clutter-free living is the way forward. Netflix

6. Vikings

Ok, why aren’t more people watching/have watched this this? Bearded hotties, kick-ass sword-wielding maidens and lots of unbelievable scenery (it’s filmed in Ireland btw : I wanna go). I started watching it whilst in a holiday cottage (which had Amazon) about 4 years ago. I wanted to carry on watching the series SO bad that I subscribed to Amazon Prime and all this time on…..we are still here. TBH I do use the Amazon Prime service a lot, or at least I did pre-lockdown, so I wouldn’t genuinely recommend spending the annual fee solely to start watching Vikings….but it’s good! Amazon

7. Afterlife

The hit series from Ricky Gervais. I absolutely loved this for so many reasons. It’s dark humour, it explores the world of someone living in deep depression after loss and it hits so many notes for me. It’s funny, it’s laugh-out-loud (PEDO!) and it also explores the notion of being kind to others. I found it really moving and I honestly felt so confused at how because of the constant teetering feeling of discomfort….typical Gervais style. Series 2 is coming in just a few weeks I believe. Netflix

8. Killing Eve

I am really late to this party but only started watching this a few weeks ago. I haven’t even finished the series but I can still say it’s a definite must-watch. Again, dark humour but it’s more funny than dark and Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh are both simply fantastic….plus I love the styling. Iplayer.

9. The Wire

Another oldie……but a real goodie. It’s all about the Baltimore drug scene….from the dealers and detectives point of views. It’s one of those that has cliff-hanger after cliff-hanger at the end of every episode and you just want to keep ploughing through the series. Say hello to Idris Elba in this too in his first big role and it’s what prompted me to call him  ‘Stringer Bell’ on my honeymoon in Ibiza. True Story. That’s all there is too it tbf. No idea where you can watch this at the moment but you’ll be able to get it probably on Amazon for sure.

10. Game of Thrones

Haven’t done it? Stop quibbling and bitching….just do it. Already done it? Start again. Hell, the first season was like 10 years ago or something there is a lot of details to re-watch and absorb again, and I may just add that it is rather satisfying to see one blonde-haired boy’s demise at that wedding and lots of Jason Mamoa riding horses and killing motherfu**ers left, right and centre. I’ll level with you here, just get through the first 3-4 episodes. I was very much ready to turn off but persevere. The editing and production starts off pretty low budget but gets bigger and better with every series.

So there we have it. Some you may have tried, some you may not ever want to try, but for me…..these are all floating my boat at the moment and honestly…..LOST is just one you need to get through and try simply for the stonewash denim and lumberjack shirts.

What has been seeing you through lockdown on the TV? Let me know any recommendations if we have similarly bad taste!