AD Get That Hydration Boost You Need with Pure Obagi Daily Hydro-Drops.

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I wanted to chat things today about Pure Obagi skincare and more in-depth about a particular product that I absolutely LOVE from the range,  the Pure Obagi Daily Hydro-Drops. This magical yellow nectar is perfect for giving that bounce, hydration and glow back to the skin and it really has made my skin regime so easy.

I first heard about Pure Obagi many years ago when a celebrity client of mine was doing a regime using it and it sounded so unique and interesting and I’ve never forgotten the name since as I was so intrigued! She said it was the most incredible skincare she had EVER used. I have since dipped in and out of a few of their products and more recently the Daily Hydro-Drops. Haven’t heard of Obagi? Then I’ll tell you a little bit more about this fabulous skincare brand.

About Pure Obagi.

Pure Obagi products have been formulated to transform the skin from within : to give you healthier-looking skin and a more confident you. It is scientifically-backed, results-driven and  Dermatologist approved for every skin type to provide solutions to improve and heal the skin.

Pure Obagi research thousands of ingredients to find the most effective ones with rigorous product testing and superior formulas. Obagi reviews each form of these ingredients to identify the highest quality variants in the most bio-available form for their extensive range of products. 

Pure Obagi is committed to set and uphold the highest standards in product testing at every stage of the development process, from pre-clinical evaluation to consumer preference and usage studies.

pure obagi daily hydro drops

One of the most important products in your daily skincare routine is your serum and/or moisturiser. As you age, your skin’s natural barrier function needs daily hydration and support to protect it against external aggressors and to help prevent water loss in the skin.

Pure Obagi Daily Hydro-Drops.

The product of the moment for me! This is a gorgeous, lightweight, non-comedogenic, hydrating serum that leaves skin feeling smooth and nourished. It uses a clever micro-fluid technology to suspend the purest forms of Abyssinian Hibiscus Oils separately which is the small droplets that you can see suspended within the serum! These burst onto the skin and give you an extra hit of pure hydration. I promise you can almost feel them burst onto your skin and it’s kind of addictive.

Omega-9 and Omega-6 fatty acids support the skin’s natural barrier function to retain moisture, as well as protect against free radicals, UV damage and other environmental factors. Additional antioxidant protection, plus Vitamin B3 can help diminish the appearance of fine lines and keep the skin healthy.

Pure Obagi Daily Hydro-Drops are hypoallergenic, dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, meaning it is safe for use around the eyes and suitable for those with sensitive or irritable skin.

pure obagi daily hydro drops pure obagi daily hydro drops pure obagi daily hydro drops

Key Ingredients & What They Do:

Hibiscus Oil : Hibiscus oil is rich in free radical-fighting antioxidants. It is incredibly moisturising, and leaves skin feeling soothes, hydrated and looking healthy. Hibiscus oil is also rich in natural acids that gently exfoliate your skin, boost skill cell turnover and in turn, brighten the skin.

Abyssinian Oil : Abyssinian oil contains an abundance of skin-loving nutrients, including omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, plus  Vitamins A, B, C and E. Abyssinian Oil is lightweight in feel and texture and provides intense hydration without feeling greasy or blocking pores, thanks to its non-comedogenic properties. This is super important for those of us with sensitive, blemish-prone and breakout skin types.

Meadowfoam:  Meadowfoam seed oil creates a protective seal when applied topically to the skin, smoothing skin and locking in moisture without blocking pores. It is also  rich in the beneficial long-chain fatty acids omega 3 and 6 which are vital for skin health!


You can use the Pure Obagi Daily Hydro-Drops both day and/or night, wherever it slots into your regime. I am using it just in the daytime with my Pure Obagi SPF 50 over the top and this is a perfect combination. I am oily-combination as this serum is such a good hydrator, I never feel that my skin needs much more. Don’t be afraid of this for an oily skin as it contains oils, it’s a great treatment and it definitely doesn’t feel oily when applying or leave residue on the skin and as I have mentioned, it doesn’t block the pores.

I use around 3/4 pipette for full face application , it feels SO hydrating and soothing on the skin, the small oil droplets will essentially burst as you massage it on the skin and give you that extra boost of hydration and comfort. I love the way it feels and it has a soft floral scent which I really like : it’s not strong or overly fragranced.

It’s fine to use around the delicate eye area and I tend to use this under my eye cream. Just make sure you get that SPF on over the top! After using it for a couple of months it’s become one of my favourite skincare products, it’s a joy to use and does the job. It doesn’t contain any acids, exfoliants, retinols or anything like that : this is PURE HYDRATION  and comfort in a bottle.

pure obagi daily hydro drops

I know makeup artists love using this too as it is a great prep and prime underneath makeup. As it’s is quite a robust and rich serum, you can go straight on with makeup after this if you wish.

If you are after a super hydration boost and nothing seems to be working then I would definitely recommend this. It marries well with any creams I have tried over the top and will leave your skin glowing, plump and radiant! You can shop the Pure Obagi Daily Hydro-Drops HERE and they cost £78 for a 30ml bottle. A little goes a long way!

Have you used any Pure Obagi skincare before? Let me know your thoughts.