Monthly Favourites + Fails.

Well time is quite literally flying by. I have barely got over my Halloween comedown and Christmas is a’ knocking at my door. It’s been an exciting few months for beauty launches as everyone is bringing out seasonal products/ sets and a touch of sparkle. Here is my round-up of my current go-to’s in all things beauty & lifestyle.

Heyland & Whittle candles are possibly some of the most fragrant and gorgeous I have used in a very long time. I have the seasonal and fresh ‘Prosecco & Orange’ and it’s absolutely gorgeous. You can read my full review here. Another candle that is getting my Christmas spirit a little more fired up is the limited edition ‘NOEL’ candle from Crabtree & Evelyn. It’s a hand-poured candle and the smell is everything seasonal = fir trees, mulled wine & spices.

One of the mist luxurious hand creams I own comes from Byredo which is one of my favourite brands for candles. I only recent tried their hand creams and they are absolutely gorgeous : very rich and soothing without any greasiness left on your hands. I have the Byredo Suede hand cream although I believe they do a few different scents, this one is Bergamot, Amber, Musk & Pear.

Skincare wise, it’s surprisingly been a quite month : but holding up the fort is the Gatineau Aquamemory High hydration Mask which is perfect for soothing cold-weather-ravaged-skin. This is a soothing and hyaluronic-packed cream mask that can be slathered on and left for as long as you fancy. It leaves my skin soft, supple and plump.

One lonely haircare product but standing steadfast is the Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray. I have only just started using products from Moroccanoil this last month (argggh I know, I’m about 6 years late to this pardy) and so far, I’m really loving the range. THIS styling product has stood out in particular as it is an absolute godsend for the fine-hair maidens out there. This is a texture spray that is infused with Argan oil to give a bit of hold, texture (nach) and volume. Like the Oribe one but not the price? This one (I think) is better.

It’s been a busy makeup month with lots of new products on my radar as well as some old favourites. The BECCA Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation is something I purchased when it launched (yikes….erm 2 years ago) and I only got around to cracking ip open a few weeks ago. Really wish I had sooner as this lightweight and feel foundation is making my skin look great when it’s feeling meh. Another base-saviour is an old favourite the Perricone MD No Foundation Makeup which has been one of my go-to’s for maybe 4 years now. Perfect for when my skin is a little dry, needs a good fix of skincare-infused makeup (this is hard-hitting skincare!) and the colour Light-Medium makes my skin look glowing and lively = YESSSIR. Last up for the base products is the relatively new Kevyn Aucoin Etherealist Super Natural Concealer. This has had mixed reviews but after working out how to make it work for me….Ima loving. Basically this is not your normal ‘creamy concealer’ formula…it’s heavier and dries more matte so you do not need to use a lot of it, less is more, and I don’t bother setting it with a powder.

The Urban Decay Troublemaker mascara is giving my sparse lashes lots of life and I’m really liking the formula, wear and the way it applies. You can see my full review here. A product that I have had sitting on my makeup table and am using every single day is the cute-looking and unassuming Rose & Co Rose Petal Salve. This is a multi-use ointment that I am using just on my lips as I love the finish, feel and that pretty petal pink tint. Plus it’s only £3.99. If you like the idea of a tinted balm but want a more punchier colour then the PIXI Shea Butter Lip Balm could be a winner for you. Still a great price (£8), these are slightly more natural ingredient-wise BUT also have more pigment so bordering more on a lipstick. The shade ‘Sweet Peach’ is the one for me!

Ok, we all like glitter yes? Well you need to get yourselves introduced to the Kiss My Fairy Glitter Pots. They are the perfect glitter for the seasonal parties and beyond and the colours, colour combinations are so SO pretty. I love the fact that they use different shades within a pot so they look even more high-impact and show-stopping. You can buy them either in individual pots (£5) or in a ‘kit’ where you also get a glitter glue tube within (£7.99). I just did a makeup look using these and I’m so happy with how it came out.

LAST UP: and slightly different from my just liking and using their products, but more about the brand in general and this is Spectrum Collection Makeup Brushes. You would have heard of them I am sure as they are an instagrammers and bloggers dream with all the bright and beautiful brushes that they do. I actually only own two brushes, and they are fab, but this is more about Spectrum as a business and how they interact with customer on social media and conduct themselves. THEY ARE AMAZING and I think a lot of brands could learn a few things from them and how they are absolutely winning by being a great online business and interacting and gaining customers via social media. YAY THEM.

Ok, so my fails. There are 3. As always, these are exclusively on my You Tube Channel so if you want a nosey then you’ll have to go and watch the video. SOZ!

Any favourites of yours that you can see here?