Beauty Shopping & re-stocking.

Following my recent ‘Empties’ post, I was in need of a top up of a few things, some I’ve used before, some completely new and some are on the hunt of a replacement of a very much loved discontinued product…

Lancôme mascara ‘Hypnose’ star

Always hear great things about Lancôme mascaras but actually haven’t used or tried one on myself for a while, so got this to review. I actually bought two of these, as the other one is going to be for my Christmas advent calendar giveaway which I will be opening this week – keep your eyes peeled as it’s going to be amazing!!

This Works ‘In Transit’ face wipes

I got these as a *better alternative* for your normal face wipes when I am travelling or on the go. They are pre-soaked circular wipes infused with rosewater and mint and are really nice on the skin. The only problem is, and I saw this after I purchased them, is they are not supposed to be for the eye area – gaaaah, annoying. I still use them around my eyes though and they seem fine, they will take light eye makeup off easily but heavy eye makeup needs a proper cleanse.

Estee Lauder ‘Perfectly Clean’ cleanser

Needed a new light foaming AM cleanser and I used an EL many years ago and quite liked it so thought I would give a new one a go. This is the one for normal to combination skin with purifying properties. Only used a few times and so far I am liking it.

Aromatherapy Associates

I had a lovely pedicure a few weeks and they stock AA in their spa, so I couldn’t resist. I think Aromatherapy Associates is one of my favourite brands ever. I have had this ‘Comfort’ candle before and it a beautiful blend of damask rose and ginger and they burn really strong and fragrant. I’ve never had a full-sized bottle of the newest bath oil from them, ‘Inner strength’ but I had a small sample which I liked and reviewed here, so I also got this to add to my sprawling AA bath oil collection…I think I have around 7 now?!

Barry M Gelly polishes

I have seen these all over beauty blogs and still haven’t had a chance to try….until now. Loving the greens and blues at the moment so got this selection. Colour are (L-R) Key Lime, Greenberry, Guava and Blue Grape. Have been wearing the blue grape all this week. One of these is also for my advent calendar giveaway so you will have to wait and see which colour!

Topshop nail polishes

Bought a new hoody, bought a couple’ a polishes. Shades are Plume (metallic purple) and Unicorn (glittery pink).

Brow pencils – Clinique & Rimmel

You need to read my last ‘Empties’ post to fully understand my horror at Laura Mercier discontinuing the triangular brow pencils…which were my all or nothing for the last few now I am desperately on the hunt for a replacement. So far……not so good. I purchased this Clinique one ‘superfine liner’ for brows in shade 04 black/brown which seemed like it could be a winner but I forgot….I don’t like the twist up ones as they go smooth and I keep having to break the lead off to get a sharp edge and I just end up wasting half of it. I also wanted to try some cheaper ones so I had a good look around boots and could only really see this Rimmel one which was dark enough in shade (004 black brown also!). This so far has been *ok* but it’s no Laura Mercier ‘Brunette’.  I think it isn’t ‘hard’ enough, I find hard lead allows a really natural drawn on hair.

Someone please help me find an alternative!! Can be high street or high end I don’t care I just need a great brow pencil, something you can sharpen, with a hard lead, and a really dark brown with no red! Suggestions really welcome!!