4 of the best Face Acid Treatments for Brightening, Anti-Ageing & Skin Health.

dr dennis gross alpha beta universal daily peelAcids have become SO much more readily available over the last 5 years or so and are now a staple in most skincare-lovers’ daily routines.

With more education and information more readily available via our favourite influencers, blogs and reviews, acids in skincare have become something of a must-have rather than a scary thing that’ll burn your skin. Education has been, and still is key, so if you have spend a bit of time researching, then even the most sensitive of skin types can get an acid that will really benefit your skin and it will make the rest of your products work more efficiently.

I have been using an acid-type-tonic-type treatment for maybe around 8 years + now, I think my first proper dip into it was the infamous PIXI Glow Tonic which I think has to take a big bow in getting acids at the forefront of skincare regimes in recent times. My skin is very much used to all different types and strengths of acids and I dip in and out of different ones depending on how my skin is at the moment and it’s needs.

Here are my 4 go-to’s at the moment ; all slightly different in price, strength and what they will do for you.

*Always remember to use an SPF daily, especially when you are introducing acids into your skincare as some will make you more sun sensitive*

best acids in skincare regime

PIXI Glow Tonic* (from £10)

Type of Acid/s : 5% Glycolic

This is the cult classic and one of the first acid toners to hit the market and the ONE that lead the way! In terms of formula, it is quite basic in comparison to some, but none-the-less it’s REALLY effective, it does the job and it’s 100% the one I will always recommend anyone to start with. Alongside the 5% glycolic acid it also has ginseng and aloe vera to ensure the skin is also soothed and hydrated with use.

I always dip in and out of it and keep going back to the wonderful PIXI glow tonic. Also a big fan of the PIXI Glow-to-GO pads which come in a pot and are pre-saturated so handy for travel.  I also love PIXI for the affordability and accessibility as it’s pretty easy-to-come-by in the high street nowadays.

pixi glow tonic 500ml

Alpha-H Liquid Gold* (from £33.50)

Type of Acid/s : Glycolic

Another really famous tonic and one that has been going for a long ol’ time. A level-up or two from your PIXI glow tonic and it will quickly help to resurface the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, open pores, pigmentation. It has a low pH delivery system to ensure the glycolic acid penetrates the deeper levels of the skin allowing for effective resurfacing and skin renewal.

This treatment is also great for boosting moisture levels at the same time with silk proteins, and ability to help the skin produce more hyaluronic acid. Skin will be plump, bright and glowing after using this!

This is a PM-only treatment and it can be used every day, although when first using it start maybe just a few times a week and build up the skin’s tolerance. Always wear an SPF in the day.

alpha h liquid gold glycolic acid

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel (from £19 for x 5)

Type of Acid/s: Glycolic Acid, Salicylic acid

I think the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta pads are possibly the best I’ve tried in terms of how quickly they work on the skin, the way you use them and how easy they are. I love the individual-use packets so not only are they really quick and easy to open and swipe on, but you can grab a few for holidays without worrying about bulky packaging, leaks and the rest.

This 2-part formula treatment is an ‘at-home’ version of the treatment Dr Dennis Gross gives gives clients in his practice (the dream). I use these in the morning, using step 1 first and swiping it all over my face, waiting 2 minutes and the repeating with step 2 ; don’t rinse, just carry on with your daytime regime, including an SPF.

They contain a unique blend of 5 acids that do pretty much everything you ever would want to the skin ; Brighten, resurface, nourish, re-balance, improves luminosity, reduces redness soften lines and bring your laundry in.

A great combination of both AHA’s and BHA’s, retinol and reservatrol to give you the ultimate anti-ageing face treatment. If you are a ride-or-die skincare junkie, you probably have tried these years ago! I like the fact that do a small trial pack of 5 sachets for £19 so you can see how you find them ; they are pretty expensive so always best to try before you buy the bigger 30 or 60 treatments.

dr dennis gross alpha beta universal daily peel

Evolve Beauty Liquid Radiance Glycolic Toner* (£20)

Type of Acid/s : Glycolic, Fruit AHA’s, Salicylic

If organic, sustainable beauty os your thing and you need that hit of acids and glow then look no further than the Evolve Beauty Liquid Radiance Glycolic Toner. These is a beautiful blend of both AHA’s and BHA’s and is a really good all-rounder if you perhaps want a combination of acids and not just the glycolic treatment.

This toner will help boost hydration as well as brighten, gently exfoliate, reduce irritation and help with moisture levels in the skin. Perfect for your first-time trying acids and even sensitive skins.

The salicylic acid comes from willow bark and this is great for balancing the skin and helping with breakouts and excess oil production. Fruit acids will all help to exfoliate the skin and brighten. This is definitely one to try if, as I said, you like a really sustainable and eco-friendly skincare brand (and born and bred right here in the UK!), and want to try something in your regime that will tick a lot of boxes with minimal effort!

evolve beauty liquid radiance glycolic toner

So there is a quick once-over and look at my 4 favourite acids treatments. I hope it was helpful if you are on the lookout for a new one to try or to introduce it into your skincare for the first time. I think with any new acid, introduce it slowly and build it up to a daily application.

It’s something I honestly would recommend for anyone and everyone and it will really improve the look and condition of your skin really quickly.

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