L’Oreal new lip colours : Color Riche L’Extraordinaire.

The next generation of lip colour from L’Oreal include 9 shades of intense pigment and shine which uses a new technology of blending oils with pigment to create a dramatic and magnified colour. Color Riche L’Extraordinaire* are a half-way house between a lipstick and a gloss, which seems to be a huge trend in the makeup market at the moment. After using them, I am leaning more towards a highly pigmented gloss rather than a lipstick. They feel absolutely wonderful when applying, and one swipe across my lips was all that is needed for a full coverage glossy fix. It’s almost like you have applied a lipstick and then used a gloss over the top : that’s exactly the finish you get.

They are made by combining the colour pigment with a blend of 4 oils including argan oil, lotus flower oil, camelia seed oil and rose canina fruit oil which give a unique feel of comfort and hydration. The introduction of the oils into these lip colours not only give a high-shine finish but also give antioxidant protection, soothing & hydrating properties. One thing I really noticed when wearing these is that it has absolutely no stickyness like a normal lipgloss and it felt just like I had a lightweight balm on my lips, none of that heavy sticky, tacky feeling which is usually why I don’t usually go near lip glosses.

It is typical wand-stick application that comes in a super-glam lipstick-sized gold bullet, and the actual applicator is curved and has good flexibility therefore lip-friendly and easy to apply effortlessly. I also noticed on further prodding and inspecting the wand (call me meticulous) that it has a snake tongue-like split down the middle of the wand…which I have never seen before… I think this must be to hold more gloss on the wand? I really love these formulas and application and a they are hands down the best high street lip glosses I have used.

I have also finally found my perfect nude! The 601 ‘Nude Ballet’ didn’t interest me too much until I applied it but it has a perfect balance for me of nude and pink. I can’t wear nudes which are too brown as I just look corpse-like but this is my match made in heaven and I am pretty lovestruck with this shade. If you are after a great nude then please go and swatch this and try it, I think it is pretty failsafe for most skin tones.

These cost £8.99 and available at Boots.