Hair Styling with Got 2 b & My new hair colour.

I am and always have been a little lazy when it comes to hair styling ; just because my hair is pretty crap anyway and it’s just so fine/wispy that I can’t really do a great deal with it. On a day-to-day basis I will usually just wash it every other day and let it air dry or if I want it to look semi-decent I will spend an extra 15 minutes drying it with my Babyliss airstyler. When it comes to actual hair styling products, my routine is really basic…..I will usually just use a spritz of leave-in conditioner, then I will use a smoothing cream once it is dry to tame down the frizzy-ness. Recently, after a quick consultation at a Got 2 Be hair styling event, I have been making a conscious effort to be more clever with my products and I have noticed quite a difference in the feel and look of my hair.

I was lucky enough to be given a goody bag after the event with some products from Got 2 Be to try, in the past I have used a few of this range’s bits including the bright yellow hairspray (not in colour, in packaging) & been having a play around with some of the gorgeous other products which have made my hair days a lot better. I think the one that is really good for me (and easy to slot into my non-routine) is the All Star 10-in-1 styling treatment.This lightweight cream can be used in different ways and seems to tackle most of my hair issues without having to use 5 different products on it.

Not only does this work as a perfect blowdry treatment, but it also keeps the style really well, de-frizzes, smooths, gives suppleness and volume (amongst a long list of other things).  My hair  has that just-been-to-the-hairdresser feeling if I dry it right and I’ve never had this before. I use it by applying around 2-3 full pumps all through my towel-dried hair and then I use the amazing Babyliss Big Hair Airstyler to get a really lovely blow dry. Pssss this is something you need to invest in if you struggle to blow dry your own hair!! This has been a bit of a life-changer for me.

Also, as you may notice I’ve changed up my hair colour (again). I’m currently a kind of lilac-grey-pastel tone and it’s almost how I want it to be. I think it will be nicer when I have a little bit of root coming through to break up the paleness, so in a few weeks it’ll be just right. I am going to do a blog tutorial ASAP about how I got my hair pastel pink, and now to this colour. Basically loads of bleach, determination and a lotta nerve.

How do you style your hair on a day-to-day basis? Blow dry, air dry or rough dry?