My Current Brow Routine.

This post contains gifted items. I haven’t been paid to feature or review them and they are done so at my discretion. Any products that I have been kindly gifted are marked with a ‘*’. Further details can be found on my disclaimer.

Yes my brows are the worst. I need a lot of help from makeup to give them fullness and shape, so I’ve kind of got a pretty regimented routine when it comes to getting them how I like ’em. I wanted to share with you an updated routine, which is probably the most simple and quickest I have ever had with just x3 products.

I don’t like a perfect insta-brow. Never have. I wish I did as it would be a HELLA lot more simple than getting a no-brow to look like a natural brow! I like to fake texture, brow hairs and I have to add shape and width as I am just lacking in all aspects of having naturally good brows. Brows are probably my one thing that I have to *do* before I step outside of the house…I look like Charlie Theron from ‘Monster’ without any brow makeup so for me, it’s a necessity above anything else in terms of doing my makeup.


1.) Add shape. Sparse brows be gone! I use the Kevyn Aucoin Precision Brow Pencil to just fake a natural brow shape : fill in any gaps and elongate the brow tail and just generally neaten everything up. This is a product I have used on-and-off since they launched in the UK maybe 8-ish years ago. I wear shade ‘Dark Brunette’ as it’s a very dark black-brown with no warmth. It has a built-in spoolie on one end which is handy for taming and grooming the brows prior to makeup. I don’t draw the pencil onto my skin and fill it in as such, I apply it in soft brush strokes so I don’t get that uniform, drawn-on-brow look….although they are drawn on if ya feel me.

2.) Add texture. So the brow pencil will add shape and shade, to add texture (fake brow hairs) I use a brow ink. I had always used the KVD Tattoo Eyeliner for this for many, many years but I thought it was time for a change (side eye) so I’m currently using the MissLyn Brow Chicka Wow Wow*. If you use it in light flickering motions in the same direction as your brow hairs, you *should* get small natural looking hair stroke lines. Love this effect!

3.) Set the brows. My all-time favourite has to be the Benefit Gimme Brow. They did re-formulate it last year but I am yet to try the new one (yes, I stocked up as I knew it was going to be out of stock for a while which it was!), so I’m hoping it’s very similar. It sets the brow hairs in place, adds a bit of depth of colour and gives a teeny bit of brow volume with the clever fibres within. Brow gel is a must if you have unruly brows and it literally takes seconds to just whizz the product through.


I used to spend a little more time on my brows but I just have a little less time for doing my makeup etc now so this refined routine is a winner! I remember the days when I used about 5 products meticuously to give me my dream brow. Now, my brow routine takes me maybe 2 minutes. Gone are the days of self-indulgence...le sigh.

What do you think of my brow makeover? Have you used any of these products before? Let me know your current go-to’s.