Face Paint Festival Makeup + Tutorial.

This is the second look in my Festival makeup series (if you didn’t catch the first then check it here) and I think quite an easy one. If you fancy doing this kind of look for a festival then have a little run-through a few days/weeks before so you know what you are doing. There’s nothing worse than getting glammed up to go to a big event and you mess up your makeup / stress out / have heart failure / start sweating and have to start again or go out with crap on your face you aren’t happy with! < or is that just me?!

Products Needed:

*Face paints – I also use a mix of gel eyeliners & liquid lipsticks

*A mixing palette – I use this cheapie one From Crownbrush

*Eyeliner Brushes – I use paint brushes or cheap brushes as not to ruin my fancy makeup brushes!

* Glitter & Glitter Glue – I love the Ben Nye Glitter Glue


As I always say with these kind if looks, just have a wee glass of wine as you get ready and HAVE FUN with it! It doesn’t matter if it goes a little off-key, wonky or imperfect – no one will ever tell with these flamboyant and vivid makeup looks!

If you fancy a watch at my You Tube tutorial for this look then please click the video link below (& remember to subscribe please thankyou!).

Are you going to any festivals this year?!