#MakeupCrushMonday : Bareminerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Cream Eyeshadow

These handy little fella’s are my go-to for easy makeup days , fuss-free application & *those* mornings when I’ve only left 3 minutes for a full face of makeup. Say hello to the 5-in-1 Bareminerals BB Advanced performance cream eyeshadow or as I like to call it : the supercharged eyeshadow (<plus that’s a lot shorter).

They are basically you normal cream eyeshadows, but they are infused with a pinch of skincare thus giving them a really nice, blend able and smoothing texture. They feel almost mousse-like in texture and you don’t need primer or anything else as these are your all-in-one, well……5-in-1. There are 6 flesh colour shades currently with these 3 I’m showing off launching very soon.

Soooooo…onto the 5 benefits : They are an eyeshadow (obvi), they are a primer (handy), they have SPF 15 protection (yes Lord), they have a smoothing effect so great on uneven, wrinkled lids (hello me) AND they brighten the eyelids both short and longterm.

What else do I like besides that formula? The paddle applicator is really user-friendly and I simply dab 2 dots straight onto the lid and then blend out with my fingertips : IT’S SO EASY & QUICK! I personally use them as an *easy eyeshadow* but obviously you can use these under your normal eyeshadows to enhance and boost the colour. If you are wanting a really deep, smokey eye then opt for a darker shade of the BB eyeshadow to help obtain this.

My personal favourite shade is Rich Camel which is warmer than my skin tone so it acts as a neutraliser to redness/veins and all those lovely things and it looks nice just worn solo for a clean looking lid. If I am feeling super tired and wake up  all piggy-eyed then I reach for the  Luminous Pearl as this brighten my lids and makes me look wide-eyed and fresh.

Have you used anything like this before? What do you think of these shadow-skincare hybrids?