Birchbox July : Unboxing & Review.

First things first, if you fancy watching me actually open the Birchbox and my first impressions, then click straight down to the video below. On this blog post, it’s a bit more of an overview (& obvs a few fancy photos). This month’s Birchbox UK has one of my favourite boxes to date – pure holiday vibes with palm tree’s and sunset hues – will defo be keeping this one for storage!

I don’t think there’s a particular theme or collaboration for this month’s box : just all things great for summer & holidays. First up is a Percy & Reed Wonder Overnight Recovery which is a generous 30ml size so you can get a few good uses from it. It is an overnight hair mask for over-processed, dry and/or frizzy hair that promises not to leave any residue on your pillow and you simply apply before bed and rinse off in the A-to-the-M.

Next up we have the Anatomicals Softening Eucalyptus foot cream (30ml) which is a brand I have been seeing quite a lot in Birchbox’s but not this particular product. A foot cream is a little meh for me and I’m not overly fussed by this brand but it’s the right time of year if any for using a foot cream!

I’m really excited for the Benefit Go Go tint which is the latest cheek & lip stain to join the crew – it’s a really bright cherry pink (do check out my video below for hand, lip & cheek swatches!) : I think I will be buying the full-size of this when it comes out which I *think* is at the end of this month.

Another thumbs up from me is for the Origins Rituali Tea Feeling Rosy Face Mask which comes in a one-use sachet as it in a powdered form. You simply mix this with water and apply on your face and it’s a mask for comforting, softening and soothing which is PERFECT if you have been sun-worshipping or simply burning the candles. I’m looking forward to trying this out this very evening!

The least exciting product for me (as always…yawn) is the perfume sample. I just won’t use it, don’t like ’em and it’s not even one that sprays which I find just useless. It smells nice but I just don’t like perfume samples in beauty boxes sozza.

You can subscribe to Birchbox here & it costs just £10 a month + £2.95 P&P which I think is an absolute bargain and the items are always worth at least double this. I’m also happy to see a sneak preview of next month’s box which has a FULL SIZE colourful Spectrum makeup brush – HOORAH!

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? Which is your favourite?

*Contains PR Samples