Summer Scent Selection.

I always reach for slightly lighter and carefree scents in these balmier months….my glorious Musks and Oud take a backburner as my perfumed become lighter, zestier and crisper.

My favourite fresh n’ zesty scent is probably the Tom Ford Neroli Portofino. This is probably the most infamous Tom Ford fragrance and the instantly recognisable aqua and gold packaging oozes summer, glamour and cote d’azur vibes. I love this as a daytime scent as it’s very uplifting, unisex and clean-smelling.

Similar vibes but a little bit more floral is the Serge Lutens Fleur D’Oranger I have worn this possibly the longest and it really is a wonderful summer scent ; orange blossom is my one favourite note and this is the key player in this glamorous eau de parfum.

The Marc Jacobs Splash Fig is just something I had to throw in there as I love this scent so much, that I rarely use it as you just can’t get it any more. Is is part of the Marc Jacobs’ infamous ‘Splash’ collection that come in limited edition scents every year. Sometimes he will bring them back, but I haven’t seen the beautiful fig for some time. Also this huge 300ml will and quite literally IS lasting me for years & years.

On a a more floral vibe is the Diptyque Do Son which is my ultimate diptyque scent. This is quite a different smell in comparison to the others here, in that is is quite a sweet floral with main notes of tuberose, jasmine & orange blossom. Imagine humid, balmy evenings on holiday, falling asleep under a palm tree, after drinking a heady cocktail.

Last up in my summer picks is the unique and quirky Byredo Gypsy Water ; it is a woody~floral that celebrates a Romany lifestyle ; the outdoors, green forests & wood fires. It’s a really interesting perfume and I really don’t own anything like it in my stash. I love the Byredo clean & simple bottles and I think they are unique and not as *common* as some perfume brands, which is why I like them.

Some of my favourite fragrances are a little on the expensive side , so I sometimes wait until there are perfume sets available or the infamous discount days at certain stores, I often pick up some beauty products at Liberty’s when they have their 10% discount days plus they have such a wonderful selection of unique & luxury perfumes. I tend to invest in Eau de Parfum’s over eau de toilettes or colognes as they have a higher % concentrate of oils and last a lot longer on the skin.

What are your favourite summer scents? Do you switch up seasonally or do you stick to the same fragrance all year round?

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