2015 Best Beauty | Bath & Body.

Last up of my ‘Best Beauty’ series is the all important bath & body. Not to be scoffed at, I take my pampering products VERY seriously and have a ridiculous stash of lotions and potions, candles and scrubs hanging around my bathroom. I love having a bit of ‘me’ time and not only does it make you look and feel better on the outside but I always get a really good inner feeling of comfort and de-stress when I use the right products which can be essential to a relaxed lifestyle.

Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil

This is one of my top beauty products for EVER. Always talk about this on the blog an it made me believe in the power of oils and aromatherapy and now I am hooked. I have not been without this potent oil for maybe 6/7 years now and the blend of first pressed oils in this signature one really knocks you out before bed. Recently, one of the founders of AA passed away which I was really sad to hear as heard so much about her when I’ve been learning and researching the brand, and you constantly hear her name in the press. RIP Geraldine and may your amazing brand long continue! You have created a superfan for life.

 This Works Sleep Plus + Pillow Spray

Another product to help me sleep and is perfect for when I haven’t got time for a full-on bath to use my AA oil. This is just a nifty and potent pillow spray that I squirt 2 pumps on my pillow before I get into bed and again, this really does help me have a deeper and better sleep. I’m hooked and this is what I always travel with also. I suffer relatively badly from anxiety although never particulary want to discuss this as it’s become a bit ‘trendy’ of late, but if you find it difficult to unwind or clear your frantic mind before bed, then a drop of the AA Deep Relax oil into your bath followed by a spritz of this on your pillow will ensure a beautifully sound and peaceful sleep.

 Antipodes Heavenly Body Oil

My scaley-snake-skin saviour post honeymoon and also for winter when my skin just can’t get enough hydration. I add a few drops of this into my body cream of the moment to give it a really oily and nourishing boost. For when my skin is super dry I apply the oil directly onto my skin an follow it with a cream of some type. Contains 8 avocados in every bottle and full of skin-repairing omegas and essential fatty acids.

 Grown Alchemist Body Cream

This was a brand that I was a bit ‘meh’ about when I first saw it. My friend gave me this body cream and I was like ‘yeah thanks fuckface’ and put it to the back of my stash. When I dug it up a few months later to use I was a little upset that I had left it so long and been to quick to judge this somewhat simple packaging. This body cream is BEAUTIFUL. This is my second tube in like 4 months and I will be purchasing a third shortly. It smells wonderful, I have used both the rose-scented one and this is the mandarin & rosemary which is a little fresher. It instantly absorbs into my skin but leaves my skin feeling wonderful and comfortable. Sorry, Grown Alchemist for being snobby about your slightly lacklustre packaging, but the product speaks volumes. Am looking forward to trying out some of their skin care after this.

XEN Tan Moroccan Tan

My ultimate fake tan brand and I’ve been using this for many, many years. I switch in between a few of their lotions but last year was the year of the Moroccan Tan for me. I have recommended this to SO many beauty bloggers when seeing them at events and everyone I have persuaded to buy this really likes it….even the fairer skins! Moroccan tan is a deep-coloured gel and looks scary when first applied but have no fear, when you wash this off, you will have a lovely even, gorgeous tan! Full Review.

 Cocoa Brown Instant Bronzing Gel

A new fake tan range for me last year and I was quickly impressed with the results of the few products I tried. This is a great budget tan range and is up there with the pricier ones for sure. Their 1-hr tan (review here) wipes the floor with St.Tropez and costs like 1/3 of the price.  This Instant Bronzing Gel is similar and I think better, than the infamous Rimmel Sun Shimmer…gives an instant hue of golden skin without the development time and washes off. I also use a dollop of this in my foundation/ tinted moisturiser to make it darker when I am on holiday.

 Clarins Smoothing Body Scrub

An oldie but a goodie that I re-kindled my romance with recently. It is a pale pink cream that has really gentle small beads in it with bamboo powder in it which gently softens and brighens your skin. It isn’t harsh and always leaves my skin baby-soft after use so can be used pretty much daily. Great for a pre-fake tan treatment to get rid of any flakiness and dry patches. LOVE.

 Dr Ceuticals Sculpting Cellulite Treatment

This was my pre-honeymoon treatment and I have tried a few of these Dr Ceuticals trimming and slimming targeted lotions all with pretty good results. I have spent over £100 on a cellulite lotion with similar effects to this one. Don’t expect your thighs to look like that of a Victoria Secrets model after 2 weeks of use, but it will smooth the texture and tone of the skin with noticeable results. This combined with exercise for a few weeks before my honeymoon gave me lovely smooth skin and just made me feel more trim and tighter.

Have you used any of these products? What body products can you not live without?