Glamglow Youth Mud Mask | Review.

Ok. Bold statement Alert. The Glamglow Youth Mud mask is THE best face mask I have ever used. I have just used it for the second time, to make sure it wasn’t a fluke the first time, but no, it really is an amazing face mask. I got some samples of this from various blogging events, and tried it for the first time last week.

This was designed to be a 10-minute facial in a jar, pre-hollywood red carpet treatment for the stars. It is a multi-purpose mask which targets pretty much all skin concerns…. Most people assume a mud mask just means spots/oily skin but this contains ingredients to purify, exfoliate, smooth, improve collagen synthesis, tone, and minimise pores.

What’s in it?

Active ingredients include: Kaolin (clay), volcanic rock, Green tea leaf (that you can see bits of in the mask), Chamomile, Cucumber, Lavender.

How to use:

I had read from other reviews that it is super tingly so was expecting this, (also says this in the name).. I cleansed my skin and spread a thick layer of the mask over my skin, avoiding the eye area. After about one minute, the product started to really make my skin tingle….really tingle. Now I don’t mind this, but some people will find this uncomfortable.

But just hold out. After about 4/5minutes the tingling sensation resides and the mask starts to dry. After about 10 minutes it was pretty much dry and I removed it with warm water, as you remove, it will deeply exfoliate too as it has grains in it.


My skin felt, literally the smoothest I think it has ever felt after any facial, I was really, really suprised and impressed. I have open pores and they were definately visibly reduced after the treatment. I have used many exfoliating masks but not any with quite as good and quick results as this. The first time I tried it, 2 people commented on my skin and lots were asking what foundation I was weraing that day… this is why I wanted to try it again just to see it wasnt a coincedence and I was just having a good skin day, but the second time around it was the same.

TIP: When applying the mask, I applied it in circular motion with my fingertips so it lightly exfoliated my skin as the mask was going on, then left it, when it had dried, aprox ten minutes, I then used a warm cloth to take it off, this again exfoliates the skin, but the warm cloth also opens the pores which will benefit the skin too. I keep touching my face as it is so soft.

This mask costs £22.50 for a 15ml pot which doesn’t seem a lot but I would say you could get 5 decent treatments out of that…£4,50 a mask, that is do-able, especially for something that really works. They also do bigger pots of it so I would assume the bigger you go, the more you save. I have seen it available in the UK in Space NK, Harvey Nics BeautyMart and I believe the M&S beauty halls.