Sunday Riley Juno & Luna | The Ultimate Skincare Duo.

If there’s one thing that Sunday Riley has bought to the table it is some of the BEST face oils on the market currently. I remember when I first used the Juno oil when it came to the UK maybe 4 years ago and it was like nothing like I had ever tried. Fast forward and there are currently 4 oils in her ever-expanding skincare range and I have tried them all with decent results and effectiveness but if I had to pick the JUNO and the LUNA are the ultimate power couple that will rock pretty much anyone’s world.

Facial oils are becoming more and more popular with most brands bringing at least one out to ease our lust. Back in the day, you would only go near an oil if you were super dry, old or just weird. Now, no skincare routine is complete without some form of face oil ; the formulas are far more advanced so the oils can work for ALL skintypes, and there is no time like the winter to give one a try.


Promises to give the skin ‘obsession-worthy glow’. Contains a unique and powerful concoction of lightweight superfood oils that are high in natural retinol, Omegas 3,9 & 9, essential amino acids, vitamin C, UV shields & natural anti-inflammatory agents. It is anti-ageing & anti-oxidant and is suitable for all skin types. Key oils within this nectar of the gods include Meadowfoam (helps penetrate the product into the skin = a carrier), Broccoli oil (high in Retinol), Carrot oil (improves tone/wrinkles), Grape oil (antioxidant), Cranberry oil (high in Vitamin A / Natural UV protectant), Black Cumin (calms acne, eczema & psoriasis) & Berry seed oils to act as an anti-inflammatory and balance the skin.

I am combination/oily and I use this as a treatment, as needed rather than every single day as it is quite rich. I have also used the Artemis which is the one targeted towards an oilier/breakout skin but for one reason or another, JUNO wipes the floor with it on me. A few times a week I will add a drop or two to my face cream to give it a boost. When I am feeling dehydrated I will apply straight onto my face under a cream (wild, I know). It is a gorgeous rich golden colour initially, but my one is a little pale-looking as I have had it for so long…it still smells amazing and does the job though. I am not chucking this away until I have used every last precious drop.

This was the firstand original oil from Sunday Riley so it is their signature oil and one that ticks all the boxes. If in doubt, head for Juno!


Probably the oil that has received the most hype and whipped beauty editor’s into a bit of a frenzy, particular with it’s unusual blue/green colouring. This is a next-level retinol  & blue tansy nigh-time treatment oil that has multiple benefits including reducing pore size (hmmm), improve appearance of skin damage & helps to fight wrinkles. Retinol is one of the only anti-ageing ingredients that is proven time and time again to actually work on improving the skin’s sign of ageing. This elixir will also stimulate collagen synthesis & improve the elasticity and firmness if the skin.

It contains cold-pressed extracts of avocado, chia & concord grape seed that promote radiance & resilience. Cold-pressed oils are more effective as they retain more of their nutrition and goodness. The colour which is a green/blue shade isn’t from the Blue Tansy ingredient as widely speculated when this first launched, it does contain colouring which is right at the bottom of the ingredient list. I am told this actually ha s a function rather than a gimmick and that is to protect the retinol so it stays active, and that is also why the glass is dark on the bottle.

I find this absorbs into my skin really well and I only need a couple of drops pressed into my face a couple of times a week. I am oily so for me, this isn’t for every singe night, I alternate it with a night cream to get the best results. It has  given me some visible results for sure and it’s something I will invest in again once I’ve completed my bank heist.

 Have you tried anything from Sunday Riley yet? It’s obviously an extravagence as it is fairly pricey with the JUNO priced at £70 / The LUNA is £85. My eyes just watered a little, but it is absolutely worth the splurge I promise you. I have tried quite a fair bit of the range and I am also a big fan of the Ceramic slip cleanser & obviously the Good Genes gives me life.