Makeup Crush Monday #31 | Too Faced Love Flush Blushers

Wooooo it’s been a few weeks since I’ve makeup crush monday-ed but this week it’s back with a bang…going in hard with these gorgeous-looking, polly pocket-esque, love heart shaped blushers from one of my favourite makeup brands, say holla to the Too Faced Love Flush Blushers.

They are a welcome addition to the gorgeous Too Faced family, which I think was slightly lacking in a typical powder blusher formula. The sweethearts are gorgeous but are more of a dewy blush/highlight than a *proper* blusher like these.

Love Flush blushers are a longwear colour, promising a good 16-hrs of wear, with rich, high-colour pigments coming in 6 stunning shades. I’m not sure about you, but when it comes to blusher, I’m not overly fussed about the longwear bit, it’s all about the colour and finish. So I wouldn’t purchase it exclusively for the budge-proof capabilities but it certainly is an added bonus.

I think they key selling point for me, and sorry to be so pretentious and shallow, but it’s the packaging ; the cute heart-shaped compacts are coloured in correlation to the shade that is housed within, the blushers are embossed with bunny rabbits and flowers and you just want that glorious-looking thing in your paws immediately. The actual blushers are obviously good….nice pigment, soft and luxe and they are of a more semi-matte finish but do have a touch of sheen to give a lovely natural flush of colour.

I have three of them and I really love theBaby Loveshade which appears to be the most lacklustre on initial appearance but actual has a beautiful kick of dusky rose. This is the one I’m wearing above.

These Too Faced Love Flush blushers cost £19. Makeup Crushin’ ell.