Valentine’s Gift guide.

I don’t think I have done a Valentine’s *thing* before, mainly because I think Valentine’s is a bit of a farce. I don’t celebrate it and I semi-cringe when I walk past a restaurant on the 14th of February and see awkward couples surrounded by red decor, pretending it’s all romantic n’ stuff. Just my miserable opinion….soz.

However I’ve compiled a quick Beauty gift guide for all you cheese bags out there and if my husband happens to read this I may get something from this selection. YAY. I think something for Valentine’s needs to be something self-indulgent/pampering and bordering romantic. PLEASE NO RED LACEY UNDERWEAR BOYS.

[1] REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body scrub (£32) This is the ultimate pampering scrub. Rose scented with gorgeous rose oil & brown sugar gently sloughs off dead skin cells and it leaves the skin smooth and hydrated.

[2] Lipstick Queen ‘Entourage’ (£35) This is from their newer deluxe range and these lipsticks are some of my favourites EVER. They are so pigmented yet don’t feel drying at all. The shades of red they do are also brilliant and ‘entourage’ is my top pick. A deep berry red.

[3] The Body Shop ‘Sensual’ massage oil (£10) I had a sniff test when I was in-store last week and this, I think, smells gorgeous. I’m always really taken with Ylang ylang and this contains this essential oil amongst others.

[4] Jurlique Rose moisture mask (£32.50) A nice treat for winter skin, this whipped moisture mask will hydrate, soothe and infuse skin with rose oils, honey & Avocado oil. Good for all skintypes, including sensitive.

[5] Diptyque Rosa Folia candle (£45) I don’t know if this is their limited range, they tend to do a rose-based fancy one around Valentine’s so am assuming so. The smell is quite green this time as opposed to sweet rose, but it just looks pretty ; I want that candle jar sitting in my living room NOW.

[6] Aromatherapy Assocciates Mini bath & Shower oil Collection (£35) You know my deep-rooted love for Aromatherapy Associates. THESE REALLY WORK. This allows you to try 10 of the oils (1-use) so you can decipher which one/s are best for you.

[7] Benefit Bathina ‘Take a Picture It’ll last longer’ (£23.50) Love the Bathina range and smell, and this solid glow balm not only leaves the skin shimmering and glowing, it also leaves a slight linger of fragrance. Great for holidays and I always have this in my kit.

[8] Chanel nail polish ‘Ballerina’ (£18) A Chanel polish is always going to be a welcome present and ‘Ballerina’ is a pretty safe shade to buy – a really pretty nude/pink that anyone will need and wear.

[9] Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer (£25) Not only is this a beautiful matte bronzer for the skin, it is MADE AND SMELLS OF CHOCOLATE. Nuff said.

[10] Antipodes Heavenly body oil (£24.25) A beautiful & indulgent body treat that is great for combating dull, dry, winter skin. It is super concentrated so a little goes a long way ; I like to add a few drops in with my daily moisturiser to give it a boost.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s day with your loved one / cat / dog / family / self? What are your plans this year?