Makeup Kit stock-up : MAC Lipmix.

I’ve been making my pro makeup kit more user-friendly over the last few months, by getting rid of stale products (by stale I don’t mean literally, I mean just products that do not get used), adding more efficient products into it, and also utilising the space better (hello Z-palettes, japonesque lip palettes etc). There are a few products that have been on my wish list for months and years, including these MAC Lipmixes.

MAC Lipmix is a pro product (anyone can buy/use, it’s just only available in Soho / Covent Garden stores) and is a range super pigmented and high impact shades. They have a super-matte finish and a tiny dot is all that is required for a fully covered and coloured pout. They are similar, I guess, and are often compared to O.C.C Liptars but these pack more of a punch with the pigment. They wear for pretty much days so not only are great for pro makeup artists wanting to custom-blend their own shades and not worry about it bleeding off the lips, but also for those high-colour addicts who like to slick it on, go out for hours, dance the night away and not have to look in a mirror or re-apply.

The three shades I got are Red, Crimson and Orange as these are probably the ones I will get most use out of. I also wanted the really deep Burgundy shade but they were sold out in the Soho store the evening I went, but will get this the next time I am in town shopping. They can be worn and applied as a single colour but you can get many more shades from mixing them on a palette and creating your own. They also do white, yellow, blue, black tones so you can pretty much get any colour you dream by using the primary colours.

They apply, like I said very matte, which I don’t mind at all, but if you have dry lips and want a slightly less bold finish then apply a healthy layer of lip balm before applying the lip mix (I did with the ‘Red’ you can see in above photo), then gently blot afterwards so you don’t end up with colour all over your teeth. They have a unscrew cap with a small nib so can be applied straight from tube to lip but you cannot get great precision. I blot with my fingertips or if I want a sharp finish then I will apply with my lip brush.

Lipmix cost £14 for a 10 ml tube and I can guarantee they will last you years.