Wednesdays Most Wanted! Things that are making me happy this week.


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Let’s chat weekly highs! Whether it’s something I’ve watched, listened too, slathered on my face or just something small that has brought me a twinkling of joy!

Aldi Farmhouse Yoghurts. YEP. I keep raving about these over on Instagram stories and honestly….the best £1.75 you may ever spend in your life. They are INSANE. How do they taste so good? They are utterly magical and I think my favourite flavour so far has to be the lemon & lime. I wouldn’t turn this away if I was served it as a desert in a fancy restaurant!

aldi farmhouse yoghurts aldi farmhouse yoghurts

Kiddies Converse (and adult ones) I think I am on my 5th pair for Margot and they are our everyday go-to’s. They are soft, I *think* comfy and they seem really good to run in. Cute AF and I also get to match her with mine, much to her horror. Margot bloosy loves to run so we go through trainers pretty rapidly. This size is nearly too small so we are looking towards our next pair!

toddler converse

Succession Season 3 dropping in autumn. SO PUMPED. Cannot. Stop. Watching. The Trailer. Legit the best series ever ever EVER. SO not my usual type of *thing* that I enjoy to watch but I’m 100% in and committed. Incredible acting, loathsome characters, dark sprinklings of humour and it’s just flawless in every way. Season 3 is coming in September. Life is good.

succession series 3

Bloom & Wild flowers. Flowers always make things a little better don’t they? Having had a bit of a rough couple of weeks it can really be the small things that put a little smile on your face. I ordered myself the ‘The Cailtin’ bunch and they are still looking beaut. They have also just launched all their new summer bunches (hello sunflowers!) so I will be ordering msore ASAP.

Pssssst if you CLICK HERE you get £10 off any bunch (I get £10 credit too!)

bloom and wild flowers

Matalan Hoodies & Jumpers. Every time I go in I see ANOTHER I want. I’ve stopped now as I have purchased A LOT over lockdown but I just really love them, the styles….they are soft and they seem to wash really well. Plus…..sorry to break it toy you but it’s almost jumper season again my friends. They also have some great ones in the sale at the moment.

pastel rainbow jumpers

Lancôme Lash Idole mascara. This was more of a grower for me and I find this happens a lot with mascaras. They can get better after a few weeks! LOVE it now after being a bit unsure the first couple of try’s. I am finally getting that Lancôme mascara hype ya’ll!

Benefit GoGo Tint. This is a product I’ve had for years and I always find myself re-discovering it and going through phases of using it loads. That time is now! It’s such a pretty pop of pink on both the lips and cheeks AND it stays on beautifully.

Fenty Cream Blusher. Ahhhh another lockdown purchase. This is shade ‘Petal Poppin’ which is a pretty muted pink. Really want to try the cream bronzers next!

benefit go go tint fenty cream blusher huda naughty nudes palette

Huda Naughty Nude Palette. Full looks, swatches and more comin’ a really soon! It’s a STUNNER of a palette and it has a heady combination of rich neutrals, warm tones and some shim-shimmers to POP.

Rubis Tweezers. I’m such a an of Rubis tweezers I honestly think they are legit the best I have used and they stay SHARP. I have a pair of these that are like 15 years old! These are newer and of course we love the fancy pink shade!

Antipodes Culture Night Recovery Water Cream. This is nearing empty and I really don’t talk about this enough. This pale lavender cream (in colour not scent) is a beautiful PM treat for the skin. Loaded with hyaluronic, good bacteria and it has a soft rose scent….it’s actually a bit delicious! Doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and I am reaching for it loads.

antipodes culture probiotic night cream antipodes culture probiotic night cream

I think that’s it for this week? A good mix of yoghurt, eyeshadow palettes, TV and random bits. What have you been loving at the moment? Any highlights of the week for you?!