Previse Mommybalm : Stretch Mark Cream + Treatment.

I have been quite open that I have been using *quite* the regime to keep my belly lovely and nourished and possibly stretch mark-free during my pregnancy. I know they are often part and parcel of your pregnancy journey but it’s just something that I wanted to try and keep on top of, if possible.

I know it can be HUGELY down to genetics but it definitely can help to pack on those omegas, oils and peptides to help prevent your skin collagen breaking and your skin repairing post-pregnancy.

Previse Mommybalm Stretchmark Cream is a body care treatment that can be used both during pregnancy to prevent and post pregnancy to help the skin repair and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It has been created by international dermatologists who specialise in holistic skincare. The full range of skincare is fragrance free, essential oil free, mineral oil free, paraben free, sustainably sourced and vegan.

Key ingredients include a plant-based peptide called Registril which targets stretch marks. This has been clinically proved to reduce the appearance of stretch marks ; the depth, texture and colour by up to 72%. It also contains hyaluronic acid that retains moisture within the skin, and coconut fruit extract which is rich in skin-conditioning fatty acids, proteins and complex B vitamins.

It is a lightweight gel-balm, clear in colour and it absorbs in really quickly. It doesn’t feel oily at all, so if you are not a fan of body oils and the residue that they can leave, then the Mommybalm could be a really good option for you. It is a pump dispenser and 1-2 pumps will do the belly area sufficiently, if you want to do the sides, lower and bum, which is what I like to do, then you will definitely need 2 pumps of the balm. It leaves skin feeling really smooth, hydrated and soft, I am really loving it! I can’t state that it reduces stretch marks as I currently do no have any but the clinical trials do speak volumes.

I think this will realistically last me 1 month of use, twice a day. If you aren’t using any other creams or oils in combination with this, then this may be affordable to you during pregnancy. If used as a treatment to REDUCE stretch marks, post-pregnancy, then it’s recommended to use for 2 months.

The 60ml tub comes in at £71 which is definitely on the higher end of stretch mark treatments. It is available to buy at various UK locations including Wolf & Badger and Harvey Nichols.