Re-Discovering Alpha H Skincare and *that* Liquid Gold Treatment.

Well it’s been a minute since I last used anything from Alpha-H. When I say a minute, it was like 8 years ago. I went to their 10 year birthday party, which was a swanky affair in London and I got a bottle of the liquid gold in a goodie bag and that was my brief introduction to the brand. 

…Not that I didn’t find it good, I remember loving it, but I was also swept up amongst so many other skincare brands and trying x, y and z (I was way more popular back then) that I kind of just forgot about it.

Alpha H is an Australian cosmeceutical skincare brand, that is really focuses on having unisex, concentrated and effective products using active ingredients. They don’t use unnecessary fillers, colours or fragrance and their skincare is scientifically tested for proven results.

I was sent a bunch of their products a few months ago, and have been waiting patiently to use up last bits of my other skincare so I can delve into the Alpha-H and give it a proper going over. I had glycolic / acid pads to use up and wanted to finish those up especially before I tried the Liquid Gold again. So what have I been using?…

I’ve been reading a lot about their Balancing Cleanser on various blogs lately and was really excited to try it out : it’s a creamy lotion that removes all face and eye makeup yet is still very gentle, non-drying and anti-irritation. This cleanser is creamy in texture, it doesn’t lather/foam on the skin and is best used with a warm flannel / cloth and all-in-all is just a nice, simple cleanser. Nothing fancy, no exfoliants or acids..and it doesn’t leave you feeling stripped and squeaky. Key ingredients are Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Suitable for anyone and everyone! I like this in the AM as I’m still all about that oil-based balm cleanser in the PM.

The cult product : THE one that probably made Alpha-H the brand it has become today is of course the Liquid Gold treatment. The OG of glycolic acid treatments and definitely around way before acids got trendy like they are now. I remember using this way back when and it was pretty much this and PIXI glow that were really known for their exfoliating / glycolic acid toners.

The Liquid Gold is a resurfacing treatment, that uses a low pH delivery system that targets fine lines, sun damage, scarring and sun damage. It works with 5% glycolic acid to brighten and clarify the complexion, even out skin tone and it will also help the rest of your serums and moisturisers work more efficiently. It is a tonic-watery texture, and you apply it onto the skin in the PM, after cleansing, and just sweep it all over the face with a cotton pad (avoiding the eye area) No rinsing ; then continue with your regime. If you want an extra-intense treatment, then DON’T use any skincare after.

As it contains glycolic acid, it’s to be used as a PM treatment only, WEAR SPF in the day and it is recommended that you use it on alternate nights to get the best results. The Liquid Gold truly is a cult beauty product, and it can be used in pretty much anyone and everyone’s routine, although if you super sensitive it probably won’t be for you.

The Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream is one of the newer eye treatments and is their most powerful in the range. It is designed to target wrinkle depth, skin roughness and pigmentation…

‘Better than an Instagram filter’

It has quadruple peptide technology, lime pearl AHA’s, skin brighteners aND illuminating diamond particles which act like a halo, soft-focus finish. The 4 peptides help to diminish wrinkles and relax expression lines. They work in a botox-like way to soften contractions and will stimulate DNA repair. VERY FANCY. I haven’t used an eye cream with AHA’s in for as long as I can remember and initially it can sound a little scary, but I am assured the lime pearl and hibiscus flower AHA’s are super gentle and perfect for the delicate eye area. This will help to brighten and even out discolouration.

The Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream can be used AM/PM and should be applied directly with the cooling gold applicator which will help soothe, de-puff and help lymphatic drainage underneath the eye. Use around the orbital bone and press under the brow for extra lift.

I had never tried any of their moisturisers before and as surprised to see just how many they do! I am using the Essential Skin Perfecting Moisturiser and it is a really nice, lightweight hydrator. It is a 5-in-1 defence against modern-day living so it contains a wealth of hard-working antioxidants to protect the skin against environmental aggressors, pollution & blue light, and also the all-important SPF. I think this is a must-have for city-dwellers who want a multi-functional, time-saving skincare regime. It’s a very light moisturiser, so depending on your skin, may need layering with a serum, or solo if you like a barely-there feel or as a makeup primer.

Alpha-H really is a great skincare brand, definitely one to look into if you are ingredient-savvy, into your hard-working and effective skincare and aren;t one to be sold on glamorous packaging and marketing BS. It just works…and it’s good. Simple.

Have you tried anything from the Alpha-H skincare range?