New Launch | Dermalogica PowerBright Trx

This latest launch from Dermalogica is targeted towards those with uneven skin tone, dull skin, age spots, pigmentation, sun damage & acne scarring. Any of these relevant to you? Then keep a’ reading.

 The new PowerBright TRx* range consists of 3 products that can be integrated into any skincare routine to treat anything to do with an uneven skin tone and hyper pigmentation. If any of you suffer from this, you will know that it isn’t something that can be treated like a blemish over a few days ; pigmentation is a deep-rooted issue that takes time and targeted treatments to improve.

The PowerBright TRx range contains a range of powerful ingredients such as Oligopeptides, Niacinamide, phytic acid & Zinc glycinate to control the melanin formulation (dark spots) whilst exfoliating agents such as pumpkin enzyme help smooth and brighten the skin. These key ingredients are all proven to target and improve pigmentation / melanin clusters and in my opinion are really effective and top of the skincare bundle if these are your concerns. Speaking from experience, you need to treat pigmentation, scarring, sun damage with a double-pronged ‘attack’ and these products do exactly that, with day and night treatments and concentrates.

C-12 Pure Bright Serum (£79.80)

The most active of the range. This is a potent concentrate that contains the most effective ingredients  to fight melanin formation and to treat existing uneven patches and skin tone. This lightweight formula can be used AM and PM under your face cream of choice. For the most effective results, I would use with the SPF50 moisturiser from the same range.

Pure Light SPF50 (£55)

This is your daytime treatment moisturiser. A medium texture so suitable for all skintypes. Not only does it protect the delicate skin from further damage with it’s broad spectrum SPF50, but it also contains red algae & botanical extracts to treat the skin. Hyaluronic acid retains moisture balance and plumps the skin.

Pure Night (£66.50)

A slightly richer and balmier night time cream that restores and illuminates the skin as you rest. Amongst the brightening peptides found throughout the range, this PM treat also contains vitamin C, cranberry and raspberry seed oils that restore lipid barriers, hydrate the skin, brighten & reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Do you suffer from pigmentation, scarring or uneven skin tone? I got terrible brown patches when I took roaccutane which I had to treat for a good 6 months for my skin to improve. Time is key to improvement : It really won’t vanish overnight, keep treating it and you will see the results.