The Best Eye Makeup Removers For Sensitive Eyes.

Finding a mascara that stays on is a feat in itself, but when removal also becomes a burden it takes away some of the fun of wearing it in the first place. Whether you have the dreaded weepy eyes, wear contact lens’, like to wear waterproof yet struggle to remove it or simply if you have sensitive eyes.. here are a few suggestions for great removers, that DO waterproof, ARE gentle and won’t leave you with a pile of 52 smeared black cotton pads in front of you.

The classic and possibly the most cult-like in status is the ever-recognisable Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water : the pioneer of the modern micellar! I have used this for over 10 years in my professional kit and way before it was even available in the UK. Makeup artists used to stock up in french pharmacies by the tonne when in Paris doing fashion week, and if you weren’t going, you would put your Bioderma order in with someone who was! So happy it is now easy to get in here in the UK and this micellar water has never let me down in all my years. Sweeps off all makeup , face and eye makeup and leaves the skin feeling soothed.

My favourite bi-phase formula is the Gatineau Floracils Plus which is blended with aloe vera, witch hazel and vitamin E. This luxurious combination of ingredients conditions the lashes, hydrates the eye area and soothes at the same time as it removes your eye makeup. This is also Fragrance free.

The Talika Gentle Eye Cleanser is my go-to for contact lens wearers : this is formulated with gentle chamomile water and cleansers and a couple of squirts on a cotton pad made easy work for all types of mascara removal. This is also nifty as a soothing eye mask if you saturate a couple of cotton pads with it and apply and leave on the eye contour for a couple of minutes pre or post makeup.

Do you have problems removing your mascara? what’s your favourite eye makeup remover or micellar?