Makeup Crush Monday #12 | Makeup Forever HD Powder.

First up : Makeup Forever is FINALLY coming to the high street and will be launching into Debenhams this May in the UK : yayyyy! It is available in a few makeup specialist shops, but I think it is great news that it will now be easier to get hold of for everyone as they really have some fabulous products : The HD foundation, the aqua rouge lip colours and THIS, one of my favourite products from them, the HD High Definition Powder.

It’s a translucent loose setting powder, so don’t be fazed by the bright white shade : this will go on ALL skin tones and it’s won’t make you chalky or pale, it will simply lock your makeup on, leave your skin looking flawless & reduce any shine/oil. It’s different from the majority of translucent powders because it is milled / ground SO fine that the texture of it is like air, you can barely feel in between your fingertips or on the skin. A beautiful formula.

I use it with a big fluffy powder brush all over my face, and for touch-ups, a smaller powder brush is perfect for areas such as the T-zone and chin. Loose powders can be a right pain as they can go all over the place, but this is packaged with a little stopper in the lid which prevents flyaway powder, and it also has a small net-thing over the powder to stop too much coming out. This is an absolute makeup artist must-have for the kit and for anyone who wants a ‘no-powder-powder’! The only other powders I have tried with this ultra-light feel are the Laura Mercier Universal Powder and also the By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra powder.

Makeup Forever is going to be available from May 2015 in Debenhams, I’m not sure if all stores yet but I will let you know when I hear more. The HD powder will cost approx £26.