My Top 6 MAC Lipsticks.

Gone are the days when you walk into a MAC store/counter that you can easily pick a lipstick. There are now around 9 formulas of lipstick and over 165 shades to choose from  – yikes! Amazing if you have time to go and have a good half hour swatching session, confusing if you are going in just looking for a ‘natural’ lip colour as there are just so many. I have my firm favourites, some of which I have had in my kit for over 10 years (Hi Russian Red/Ruby Woo) and a couple are relatively new shades to my stash that I am really loving.

 Ruby Woo is a MAC bestseller and is possibly the most famous red lipstick on this planet. I honestly believes it lives up to the hype and is just such a gorgeous show-stopping shade of blue-toned red. It is a ‘matte’ finish so the pigment looks full and it stays on for hours on end. I would say you need to make sure you prep your lips before you apply as if you have any dry skin etc it won’t look quite right. I think this is in my top 3 reds of all time.

Russian Red is another infamous red and this was the first red lipstick I ever purchased for my kit. It’s a really deep matte red that was created in the 80’s and is such a classic red. Not overly blue/not pink just pure RED-RED. I love this with the MAC Cherry lipliner.

For a really natural matte pink, bordering on a Kylie Jenner kinda lip (cringe….sorry), then the Pink Plaid is all kinds of gorgeous. This was one that I picked up early this year with my Back To MAC empties (Take back 6 unused/empty MAC pans/bottles/old makeup and you get any lisptick or shadow of your choice). Again, this is a ‘matte’ finish and gives great payoff, and is a really pale, dirty blue-pink shade. Defo one you need to try before you buy though as this colour can really change on different people – one that’ll suit you or it won’t!

Very new additions include the ‘Arrowhead’ & ‘Pure Vanity’ from the recent-ish Vibe Tribe limited edition collection. I absolutely love this packaging, it’s so pretty, but these colours are also colours that I was really in need of and are real summer shades for me. Arrowhead is a matte finish and a very pale bare nude in shade…but doesn’t make me look like a corpse. You know when you are always on the hunt for THAT nude lip colour that just sits right on your skintone….this is the one for me.

Pure Vanity is an exhisting MAC shade that they have included in the Vibe Tribe Collection ; this has a ‘lustre’ finish which has a bit of sheen and hydration and the shade is a really pretty, summery pale peachy nude. This reminds me of a colour I was obsessed with from MAC that was limited edition and I lost it, can’t remember the shade but it was in that orange/peach collection they did like 3 years ago. This colour is just pure holiday vibes for me.

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks? Do you have any of these shades?