The TRINNY London Starter Stack : Review & Swatches.

I LOVE TRINNY. She is crackers, she has enviable sass, I lust after her fabulous wardrobe and I love watching her hilarious styling videos on instagram.

I have had the pleasure of meeting her a few times through work, back in the day, and you could tell from having a conversation with her, that she has always been super passionate (& very knowledgable!) about all things beauty and makeup. She always wanted to know the newest things and the latest trends.

It was no surprise to me when I saw that she launched her own line of makeup and it just seemed to really reflect her : snappy, does the job, on-trend and great quality. I LOVE innovative ideas for makeup, it’s hard to do in this day and age with the wealth of brands and products, but I haven’t seen stacking makeup done this well……ever.

Trinny London is ‘EASY FINGER MAKEUP’ if you will ; cream formulas, not too much skill required and snappy. The stacking system is neat, it’s easy to put together and take apart and use. All the pots can be taken out individually (they all have their own lid ; some stacking makeup you need to take the entire thing as the lid of one pot is the bottom of another) and they can all be stacked and layered to suit you. 

I have the STARTER STACK. This contains a BFF Skin Perfector SPF30, a Lip2Cheek (blush/lip colour), a Lip Glow (glossy lip shade) and an Eye2Eye cream eyeshadow. This stack costs £90 and you can customise the colours within to suit you and I think it’s a perfect starting point for anyone.

You can buy all the products individually and build up stacks as you like, although they do do ‘ready made’ ones such as mine and add onto them as you wish ; there’s no limit in how little or how much you can have.

The BFF Cream SPF30 is a great, sheer formula although I was sent a colour a little pale for me so I can only really get away with wearing it mixed in with a liquid bronzer. This still gives me a lovely sheer finish and I can tell it’s a great product. It comes in 5 shades, has SPF30,  lightweight bb-cream-esque coverage and a touch of skincare to boot. This comes with it’s own empty pot so you can top it up and carry your mini in your handbag or add it into your stack which I love! 

The whole concept is so good for travelling /nights out and tube makeup! I love the way you can just pop off the colours you need without taking the whole stack.

The Lip2Cheek cream colour in shade Veebee is an absolute winner for me, and I am wearing this a lot. It reminds me of the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge formula and this particular shade is *that* one which will pretty much suit anyone ; a muted rose. Gorgeous!

The Eye2Eye colour cream in shade ‘Faith’ looks intimidating on first glance as it looks super dark but applied softly you can get the most beautiful wash of coppery brown and you can also build this up to get it slightly more dramatic and smoky. Again, a shade that will work for most and is super versatile.

I have two lip formulas, the first being the glossier Lipglow (shade lyla) and then the Lipluxe in ‘Swainy’ which is a more full pigmented lipstick-esque formula. I ten to dab one finger of the swainy to give an all-over stain and then finish with a slick of the lyla lipglow which gives a really pretty, muted natural lip. This is the combination I am wearing below.

You can also buy the empty pots too (£7) so if there’s something else in your makeup bag that you really can’t live without then I’m sure Trinny won’t mind if you fill it with something else (I’ll be honest ; she probably would) but I think it’s great they do this.

Going onto their website as a customer, it’s all pretty easy to navigate, it’s not overwhelming with too many shades which I like and the Match2Me tool helps you out to whittle down shades and products that will suit you based on eye, skin and hair colour. 

Price-wise : it’s not budget, it’s definitely sitting up in the higher-end category which it’s kind of what I would expect from Trinny. The lip colours and cheeks are all around the £20 mark and the BFF SPF30 cream is £35. I think the formulas and packaging reflect the price.

I honestly am really very impressed with my Trinny stack ; and really want to build onto it now – I definitely need to try the BFF eye concealer and I have my eye on a few other lips shades. Obviously there are items that won’t work as a stackable cream formula, such a liners, brows etc, but I love how easy these are to use and the whole idea behind it.

This is a makeup brand possibly targeted towards those who like an easy routine, relatively natural-looking makeup, possibly those who don’t need or want too much ‘help’ and people with limited time in the AM! If I were going on a night out or a big occasion, I wouldn’t use the stack for a start to finish makeup but that’s not what it’s really designed for I don’t think  ; daytime looks and day to night = YES!

I think Trinny London is a really great concept and idea for a makeup brand and I think it will continue to be really popular. If you aren’t one (like me) to spend an hour on your makeup, meticulously blending and baking, and just want speedy, effective on-the-go makeup application….then I would definitely suggest looking into this range. 

Trinny London currently has a makeup studio in Jubilee place, Chelsea, London where you can book in with one of their makeup artists for matching, lessons and tips.

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