Skincare | Oily skin saviours.

Oily skin. Open Pores. Maybe the occasional blemish. Constantly battling with foundations that stay on. Forever blotting shine away. If this sounds like you then here is a bunch of products that I find really good for my oily/combination skin.

I’ve had my fair share of skin woes ; I have been on Roaccutane for over 2 years in my I have been through ALL the typical skincare products to help this tricky skintype. This post isn’t aimed at blemishes/ acne, I will do an updated post on that….just more-so around oily skin and to help normalise it and balance it out.

Don’t battle it too much ; oily skin has it’s benefits (generally it will age better..yay) and one thing you DON’T want to do is strip your skin of any oil, as it’s there for a reason, we just have a little bit of an overactive sebaceous gland. Here are a handpicked selection of beauty products in my assortment that I direct my attention & face to when I am needing to discipline the oil.

BIORE Pore strips Open pores and oily skin can often lead to blackheads and congestion. I find these really good as a once a week/fortnight treatment just to deep cleanse those pesky build-ups around the nose area ; plus they feel really good when
you peel them off.

 Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel I have tried so many of these acid-based pads and these are some of the best (& gentle) I’ve used. They have a step 1 and 2. Step 1 is the acid blend (lactic, glycolic, salicylic, malic) you swipe the pad across your face, leave for 2-3 minutes and then you swipe over the Step 2 pad which is a neutralising system containing retinol, vitamins and reservatrol which will stop the stronger acids from working on the skin. No need to rinse. Really good for problematic skin and will help with brightening, balancing, acne scarring, open pores and fine lines.

Jurlique Purifying face mask* A lot of face masks for oily/blemishes skin are super clay-based, drying and astringent. They literally make your skin feel squeaky after taking it off as it strips everything off. Nah bruv, I prefer clay masks to be a little bit more gentle which is exactly what this one from Jurlique is. It gently exfoliates the dead skin cells away from the surface of the skin, purifies and deep cleanses.It contains a HUGE list of ingredients including kaolin, Oats, Chamomile, Sesame seed oil, Calendula, Honey & Liquorice Root extract. Pure natural goodness for the skin.

Antipodes Apostle brightening serum* This is a water-based organic serum so absolutely perfect for combination/oily skin types. It’s all about brightening and balancing out the skin tone, so if you do/have suffered from blemishes then this will help post scarring. When applied this feel completely lightweight, almost like an enriched water… and sinks into the skin immediately with no residue at all. Perfect for those who don’t like applying too much to their skin and find other serums too heavy. Contains Waiwera artesian water, Vivanza, Kiwi fruit & Green Apple.

Pur Mineral cleanser* Feel super fresh and zingy in the AM and not only gives a lovely deep cleanse and rids the skin of oily build-up overnight, it also smells glorious which wakes me up in the shower on those early morning starts. Contains tea tree, lavender, peppermint and aloe vera. Highly recommended if you like something to enliven your senses as well as the skin : Also always being stolen by my husband! Currently 20% off at Feel Unique.

Vichy Normaderm Night Detox* Don’t fear the night cream! I never used to put anything on my skin after cleansing in the PM, but night creams aren’t there just to sit on your skin, they actually DO something. They help the skin renew & the skin cells turnover, it’s just a case of finding one that doesn’t leave you waking up with that really dirty, greasy feeling. This one from Vichy is designed with an oily and breakout skin in mind, and detoxifies the skin as you sleep. 

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo This is always my go-to for a day cream when I am feeling congested or oily. It has un-clogging technology to keep the skin clear and fresh as you wear it and always feels so lightweight on my skin. Currently 25% off at Boots!

Dermalogica Oil Control lotion I have used this in my makeup kit for many years mainly because guys aren’t afraid of it (the neutral packaging helps) and it does what it says on the…bottle. This is a product I wouldn’t use as my daily moisturiser on it’s own as it’s SO lightweight and doesn’t hydrate me quite enough but it’s perfect for those occasions where you really won’t have a chance to blot or touch-up makeup and don’t want any shine at all. Leaves skin semi-matte. 

Help: Clear Skin drink* This is a soluble formula that you drink on a daily basis. You don’t have to drink it 365 days of the year but maybe just for 2 week-1 month periods when and as you need it. It contains oligofructose, bioactive milk protein, aloe vera and zinc gluconate which are all natural ingredients to normalise and balance the skin. Zinc is also really good for breakouts.

Vichy Dermablend Compact Cream Foundation This whole range is about giving flawless coverage and staying put on the skin. Can cover minor to severe imperfections and doesn’t look cakey like some of these compact foundations can. Allows the skin to breathe. It is easy to apply with it’s sponge applicator and perfect for touch ups throughout the day. I think it’s the best high street foundation for an oilier skin. Also contains SPF30 and it waterproof.

Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray Once you have your skincare and face on then this will help keep it all fixed in place without having to keep checking and blotting in the mirror. I don’t use this daily, again, this is more for parties, big occasions, holidays etc but it really is a must-have if you can’t bear to go makeup free and need to keep it locked on.

Just as I am finishing this post I have remembered one more ESSENTIAL product for oily skin, I just have run out so totally forgot these….but the TATCHA blotting papers are really, REALLY good and you’ll be surprised at how much oil these babies can absorb. These were a beauty secret cherished by the Japanese Geishas for years. Oily skin handbag heroes!

Do you suffer from the oily skin woes? What are your favourite beauty products to help keep it in check?