Makeup | Benefit RollerLash review.

Well this is a very hyped up product isn’t it?
I started seeing the whirlwind whip up on social media around a week ago and then I received a free sample from Benefit to try out and review. So here I am. Here we are. I want to give you an in-depth and honest review of what is possibly Benefit’s biggest launch that will be in 2015.

Now I am not blown away by Benefit’s previous mascaras ; I actually used to WORK for benefit when I was at university when they launched ‘Bad Gal lash’ and I found the wand on this too big, I’m NEVER a fan of huge wands, I just can’t get any control and the mascara end up near my brows. Then they launched the hugely popular ‘They’re Real‘ which I have purchased after trying a small trial size, and liked it, I thought it was very good, but not in my top 10. I wasn’t blown away as so many people seemed to be.

Benefit are about to Launch their first mascara in 4 years, RollerLash, so it kind of needs to be a big deal. It will officially launch in March, however you can currently get your free sample/trial size in this month’s issue of ELLE magazine (the one with Kiera on the front/March Issue). Be quick, mind, as I think there will be A LOT of people scrambling to get this magazine solely to try out this mascara.


The key selling point about this new mascara is the wand. It is relatively small, it is silcone/plastic, and it has this patented ‘hook n’ roll’ feature. This is basically teeny hooks on the individual brush ‘hairs’ that capture the lash, coat it, and pull it upwards. Now when I first read a review on this I was thinking a hook that pulls your lashes cannot be good, and was imaging something totally different to what it is ;  it’s very soft /flexible and by no means will it pull the lash out or catch onto your lashes. In fact, I can’t even seen this hooks on the wand they are so tiny and soft.

The wand has slightly shorter fibres on one side so it’s perfect for capturing the smaller lashes on the inner corners of the eyes and lower lashes.

Benefit have also formulated the RollerLash Mascara with a formula that is lightweight, lash conditioning and smudge/budge proof for 12 hours. It is designed to literally hold the lash as it is pulled upwards by the wand and stay there ; hence why they are saying it’s a mascara that you won’t need lash curlers for. (pah you will NEVER tear me away from my daily dose of Shu Uemura lash curling)


Ok. It’s good. It’s REALLY good. I kind of wasn’t expecting it as hype to me, usually means a bunch of editors have been bribed and beauty bloggers paid (I’m so cynical right?).. but no, this really lives up to expectations for me and I will 100% be purchasing the full size when it’s out.

It applies like a normal mascara, the ‘hooks’ you don’t feel or see at all, but I found it really easy to get right to the root of my lash and pull the mascara through perfectly to coat my lashes.

The wand makes it really easy to capture all sizes of lashes and really did lift them up considerably. It gave lift, it lengthened and added volume. another thing I liked was the fact I could layer it up easily without it going clumpy so I think it’s a great formula.

It stayed on all day and I purposefully slept in it last night and it was still on, albeit not beautifully, this morning when I woke up. Party girls this one is a winner! It is also relatively fuss-free to remove so for me, it ticks all the boxes a good mascara should and I think it is worth the hype. The price will be £19.50.

Go buy ELLE immediately and see if this works for you. Let me know your thoughts? Have you tried it yet?
**UPDATE: I have just had news that this will be available exclusively in the Benefit Boutiques from February the 14th then will roll out into everywhere else from March.