Body Firming & Summer Skin Prepping | Melvita L’Or Rose firming oil

It’s only a mere peek around the corner away so it’s time to kickstart your summer body prep routines and regimes ASAP! I have a super sluggish autumn/ winter so as soon as the sun starts to show I have a knee-jerk reaction to get my skin and self into some kind of more pleasing shape.

I am always using some kind of firming cream/ treatment throughout the year and the L’Or Rose Firming Oil has been my current go-to as not only has it hydrated and nourished my skin wonderfully, I can also notice a visible improvement in the lumps and bumps.

Melvita L’Or Rose firming oil* is a lovely dry-oil so sinks into the skin quickly yet gives a nice burst of hydration. A lot of slimming creams and serums leave my skin very tight and dry so it’s nice to have a product that can tackle both of these issues as opposed to having to layer up. The oils that work in combination to firm up and smooth the skin include a pink berry called Schinus Terebinthiflious (detoxing/ boosts circulation), sea buckthorn (detox action & softens skin/ rich in fatty acids), black pepper oil (stimulates blood circulation) and rosehip oil (improves hydration & elasticity).

I have been using my MIO body brush before I get into the shower, followed by the L’Or Rose afterwards, which I massage into my body concentrating on problem areas ; top & back of legs, back or arms and stomach. I am using it daily, and I think with the combination of the body brush is giving me quicker results. I am also liking the fact it has a pump-spray applicator as opposed to an unscrew and dribble oil which just gets everywhere!

Melvita conducted a study that showed after 4 weeks of use 69% noticed a visible reduction in the appearance of cellulite, and just after 2 weeks 83% noticed skin feeling and looking smoother.

As with all Melvita products, this is organic and only contains the most natural and effective ingredients. This bottle is 100ml and costs £30 and is available now & you get a free shower gel when you order online currently.